Scam Mailings Policy

We will conduct due diligence checks on our customers before providing a contracted service to them and commit to working with all law enforcement agencies with a view to stopping or disrupting scam mailings.



As a UK/International mail services provider, Whistl UK Ltd is not responsible for the content of the mailings we deliver on behalf of our customers. Given the impracticalities of preventing scam mailings before they are sent, our policy is to cooperate fully with the relevant authorities to investigate complaints received about mailings sent by one of our customers.


We will achieve this by: 

1.1. Working closely with all relevant law enforsement bodies and in particular, the National Scams Team to disrupt scam mailings

1.2. In partnership with the National Scams Team, cancel contracts where it is proven the contract has been used to facilitate Scam mailings

1.3. Proactively advising customers to contact the National Scams Team/ Trading Standards if they become a victim of a scam

1.4. Advising posting customers to get their proposed mailing checked by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) / Trading Standards if they have any doubts about whether or not it is compliant. Direct Mail is governed by a Code of Practice.


In particular we will:

2.1. Work closely with customers to ensure their mailings are compliant

2.2. Proactively contact the National Scmas Team should we identify a potential scam mailing

2.3. If the customer informs us that their mailing is not compliant, we will refuse to handle the mailing

2.4. If we are advised by the ASA/National Scams Team/Trading Standards that the customer has been successfully prosecuted under Misleading Advertising legislation, we will immediately terminate the customer’s contract.

2.5. If ASA/Trading Standards/National Scams Team receive complaints from the public about a mailing, they will investigate if it breaches the Code of practice. If it does, they should inform us and we, in turn, inform the customer. We remind the customer about their obligations and explain that further breaches of the Code may result in termination of the contract. If the customer continues to send non-compliant mailings and the authorities uphold a second complaint, we will terminate the contract.


Reference Materials & Further Information

Further information and advice can be obtained from Security who will liaise with the National Scams Team on your behalf.

Friends Against Scams aims to tackle the lack of scams awareness by providing information to enable communities and organisations to understand scams, talk about scams and convey messages throughout communities about scam prevention and protection. We would encourage anyone interested in stopping scams to visit the Friends Against Scams website - - and sign-up.