It's vital we act responsibly where the environment is concerned. We aim to minimise carbon emissions and energy, water and paper usage by providing adequate facilities and encouraging the right behaviour. 

  • Customers: We work in partnership with our customers to enable them to act in an environmentally friendly way, offering services and tools that effectively reduce their footprint on the planet. Customers also have the option to offset carbon emissions relating to the distribution and delivery of their mailings.
  • Employees: We seek to reduce unnecessary travel by employees, encouraging alternative means of commuting, such as car sharing, and reduce unnecessary travel by using remote conference calls and Skype. Employee commuting decreased by 13.5%, and business travel decreased by 16.7% between 2016 and 2017.
  • Our vehicles: We continually invest in our transport fleet to help reduce hydrocarbons. We use real-time data to avoid traffic delays and road closures minimising travel time. We operate double decker trailers to optimised our load capacity and reduce the number of vehicles on the road.
  • Our depots: We have seen benefits in our depots from investments in our electric Manual Handling Equipment fleet, and we continue to purchase replacement lighting that is more energy efficient across our buildings. We recycled a total of 479.30 tonnes in 2017, a 298% increase in our recycling efforts versus 2016.


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