Are you ready for Brexit?

Proactive Brexit Planning, from Whistl

At Whistl we continue to push forward with plans in the case of a ‘no deal‘ Brexit. We want to ensure that you, our customers, are ready too, and not in a position that could jeopardise your business. 

The likely scenario for Brexit is looking like a ‘no deal’ situation, so now is the time to prepare and be proactive to minimise business impact.

What do you need to do, to be ready for Brexit?

Please check the attached Post Brexit checklist to ship goods via Whistl, this is a quick reference point, giving guidance and support on what you need to do.

For more comprehensive details, check our Are you ready for Brexit Guide. Please act on the guidance provided paying particular attention to the data requirements.

Guidance includes:

  • What to include to ensure your customs information is accurate and complete.
  • Data requirements for ‘mandatory’ data fields to be completed for international shipping

When should I get ready for Brexit?

Our advice is that businesses should start to adopt these changes for any consignment you are despatching, with immediate effect.

In the meantime for any additional queries or specific questions related to Whistl's delivery services, you should contact your Account Manager directly.

For businesses not yet trading with Whistl

Please contact us on the contact number listed below. We will discuss your requirements and provide proactive guidance and support,  when shipping with Whistl

Speak to us to find out how we can help

Download Whistl's Brexit Checklist and Guide 

Whistl provides useful and proactive guidance to prepare for Brexit. 

Post-Brexit Checklist to ship, via Whistl


Guide: Are you ready for Brexit


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