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If you are shipping items via International Tracked Services please can you liaise with your Whistl Account Manager / Contact to ensure they have your GB EORI registered within our systems.

Please note that your GB EORI number entered into CRM for all ‘International Tracked Items’ is a mandatory requirement.

What is the impact if you haven’t entered a valid GB EORI into CRM? if any existing client or new business client does not have a valid GB EORI captured within CRM, the system will not call for a label, and therefore your client will NOT be able to access International Tracked services.

If you have any questions on what is required, please liaise directly with your Whistl Account Manager.

Northern Ireland EORI

When shipping goods to Northern Ireland, you will need an EORI number that starts with XI when shipping goods to Northern Ireland.  To get an EORI number that starts with XI, you must already have an EORI number that starts with GB. HMRC will automatically send you an EORI number that starts with XI if they think you need one.

Northern Ireland Protocol

As part of the Northern Ireland Protocol most UK Tracked Carriers are taking steps to include HS Codes within the data carried by Tracked Items between GB and NI. Items will be presented to NI almost in the same way as an International Export.

Import One Stop Shop

If your business is selling goods to buyers in Europe through an electronic interface, the electronic interface is considered to have made the sale and is in principle liable for the payment of VAT.

  • The Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) was created to facilitate and simplify the declaration and payment of VAT, for distance sales of imported goods with a value below €150. 

Read more on IOSS and how Whistl can help.

For businesses not yet trading with Whistl

Please contact us on the contact number listed below. We will discuss your requirements and provide proactive guidance and support,  when shipping with Whistl

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Download Whistl's Brexit Checklist and Guide 

Whistl provides useful and proactive guidance to prepare for Brexit. 

Post-Brexit Checklist to ship, via Whistl


Guide: Are you ready for Brexit


Whistl's Import One Stop Shop FAQs


Whistl's VAT Checklist for e-Commerce Sellers



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