10-15% cost savings for The Works

August 2018


The Works stock books, toys, gifts, stationery and arts & crafts at discount prices, and sell over one million products every week to consumers looking for a bargain.

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Whistl creates cost savings for The Works to support their online growth

Online retailer and leading high street brand, The Works, despatch millions of books, toys, gifts, stationery, and arts & crafts to customers looking for a bargain every week. Being able to offer competitive prices means focusing on minimising delivery costs while still being able to respond quickly to seasonal fluctuations and changing customer needs.

Whistl is a reliable and efficient delivery provider managing over 170,000 items a year. Whistl became the packets and parcels delivery provider for The Works at a time when the business was growing rapidly and there was a greater demand to optimise carrier performance.

Whistl introduced a specific carrier solution for The Works’ Large Letters and Small Packets together with a separate packing option so that The Works were able to redesign their packaging to support sending more traffic through Whistl, rather than Hermes. There were multiple benefits to this; a significant reduction in packaging costs, improvement in pack performance, a lower-cost carrier service, stronger account management, and a great partnership developing between Whistl and The Works.  

These improvements resulted in delivery reliability and efficiency, ultimately converting into cost savings per shipment of between 10-15% against previous couriers and 6% overall improvement on packing. The Works were able to support the rapid growth of their business sending 100% more packets increasing volume from 3000 to 6000 per week within only 18 months, reaching over 11,700 peak week in 2016!

TheWorks.co.uk first started using Whistl to deliver Small Packets and Large Letters in 2015, at a point when the online business was beginning to grow rapidly and there was a need to improve carrier performance. Their integration team worked closely with us, creating a solution which optimised the capabilities of our warehouse management system.

We also worked together on designing bespoke packaging products which would support sending more traffic as Small Packets and Large Letters, saving costs on carriage. Three years later, Whistl continues to support The Works, always keeping us updated on new initiatives and looking at ways to help us improve our customer experience.

Tom Doak, EComm Operations Manager

The Works Case Study


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