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Delivering a better commercial performance for Graze


Nature Delivered (graze), the retailer of healthy snacks, distributes its products wholesale via top retailers and directly to consumer. Given the popularity of graze’s snack boxes, the business needed to find a parcel delivery company which would save them money on postage and manage the prompt delivery of such large volumes in a complex supply chain process.

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Distributing products through retailers and directly to consumers

Graze needed a partner able to manage multi-customer delivery options without compromising on quality of service or reliability, whilst simultaneously catering to the needs of the type of food product graze provides. Over the years, Whistl and Nature Delivered have collaboratively mailed out millions of large letters to graze’s subscribers, as well as handling unsorted packages for heavier items to ensure varying product offerings were met.


Better handover quality and consistent service levels

As a leader in the healthy snacking market, reliability, speed and punctuality of delivery is important to securing customer loyalty and building graze’s reputation. Whistl provided the excellent account management needed to ensure this happened by planning, forecasting and responding quickly to ever changing volumes caused by advertising campaigns or fluctuating seasonal demand.

Through this Nature Delivered benefited from proven cost savings, better handover quality, consistent service levels and reliable supply chain management. Graze’s confidence in Whistl’s ability to understand the business has enabled Nature Delivered to reduce the number of its suppliers, streamline communications and improve overall commercial performance.

Great account management, well prepared minuted meetings, issues resolved speedily and good understanding of our business and commercial requirements. Since the start of our contract the Whistl team have got closer to us as a business, developing a good understanding of the dynamics of our category.

Ruvan Mendis - Chief Operating Officer

Graze Case Study


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