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Menkind highlights a multi-dimension fulfilment partnership with Whistl, built on trust

September 2010

Qwerkity was purchased by Menkind in 2019. Both Qwerkity and Menkind operated as an online retailers, stocking gifts for every occasion, making gifting super easy. 

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In 2008 Clientbase, now rebranded as Whistl, won Qwerkity (re-branded to Men Kind in 2019) as a client. This thriving direct-to-consumer business sells a wide range of quality merchandise using multi-channel marketing to a loyal and discerning customer base.
Qwerkity reached a crossroads in the growth of their multi-million turnover company where a decision had to be made to outsource the whole call handling, fulfilment and systems solution from soup-to-nuts.

Qwerkity awarded Whistl the contract, complete with the very most important of all assets: that determination to build a fair and open relationship that breeds mutual trust, loyalty and a genuine partnership. As a result, their customer soon became our customer. That cliché of 'going the extra mile' really does exist.
Qwerkity runs a year-round business with complex interlocking mailings from the four brands. Despite this year-round activity, we still have to manage the inevitable surge in demand during the last six weeks before the Christmas crescendo.

Every aspect of the fulfilment process is interrogated and discussed in an open forum. All the key data is delivered by our Account Manager, who is the essential lynchpin in the communication chain. Key pressure points are identified in these debrief sessions and planned into the routines for the following year.

Rob Smeddle, Whistl Fulfilment Sales & Marketing Director

Qwerkity, Now Menkind Case Study


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