Scotts & Co have improved their ROI with Direct Mail

March 2021

Scotts & Co is a direct catalogue and online retailer, mailing about 30 million catalogues each year under 5 separate titles (Scotts of Stow, Gift Discoveries, Expert Verdict, Bloom and Traditional Garden).

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In 2020 Scotts achieved £50 million in sales and more than 4 million active customers, up 40% since 2019.

What do Scotts & Co look for in a supplier?

Nigel Swabey, Chairman at Scotts of Stow explains “We work with partners we can trust – suppliers who listen to our concerns and who are sensitive to those concerns, whether it be about the quality of the products they are supplying or the timing of their deliveries.”

“In logistics, it’s not all about price. It’s about the sensitivity to your timing imperatives, your needs in terms of mailing supplies and the management of order flows.” 

Whistl are by far the most responsive and attentive to their clients’ needs. Much as we all love Royal Mail, their retail team is simply not able to move as fast and are not able to be as responsive or creative in coming up with ideas to resolve tactical challenges.

Nigel Swabey, Chairman at Scotts of Stow

Scotts & Co Case Study


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