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Direct Response Call Centres for Customer Acquisition and Support

Creating a tailored approach to marketing call handling, to ensure your media campaign calls increase sales and revenue opportunities.

Creating the right support to convert your direct response callers into customers.

Businesses spend money on advertising and marketing to make customers more aware of available services and goods. If executed well your campaign will generate new opportunities and potential customers. Direct response campaigns of this nature can include media channels such as TV, radio, outdoor, or printed activity such as adMail or door drop campaigns.

We know your business is unique and throughout the year, a focus on acquisition can be the key to generating more enquiries, opportunities, and ultimately sales revenue. Whistl specialises within industry sectors such as telecommunication, retail and charities who all use direct response campaigns, with great success. We have decades of experience in supporting businesses, brands, and products with specific advertising needs and your businesses' specific direct response campaigns.

Direct response marketing can be effective in generating demand and interest. Converting this interest to new customers requires the right level of customer service and support. Outsourcing your direct response call centre needs to Whistl, is a cost-effective way to meet the demands of your marketing activity and guarantee your callers get to discuss their interest with a trained agent, moving them closer to becoming a customer.

Whatever your product or service, Whistl will help increase sales from your marketing campaigns and improve the reporting of the responses, with our fully trained and dedicated direct response call handling team. 

Increase your sales 

  • TV ads, infomercials, or radio: However, and wherever you advertise, we can track campaigns and conversion performance.
  • Catalogue, out of home and print media: We support several catalogue brands, as their sales conversion specialists.
  • Digital and online: As e-commerce specialists, we react to online sales offers and promotions. 

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Direct response call centre

Improve your reporting 

  • Synthesis scripting tool to capture customer information and purchase data 
  • True tracking and ROI analysis based on individual media and consumer spend 
  • Agency collaboration to reduce your businesses time and money  

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Personalised CRM systems

Bespoke training options

Each business is different and we cater to this with tailored training solutions for our call centre agents:

  • We can offer in-house, bespoke training from you to our advisors. Meet the team that will become an extension of your business. 
  • Simple yet effective team leader training roll-out options, saving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business or management responsibilities.
  • Bespoke client training pack signed off by you for our advisors to use. 

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Benefits of Outsourcing Direct Response Call Handling to Whistl:

  • Fully trained agents to your businesses needs
  • Opportunity to train your own agents (with our train the trainer program)
  • Experience with DRTV, radio, and print media campaign response campaigns
  • Flexible team with the ability to scale up for high call volume clients
  • Ability to up-sell and cross-sell products or services
  • UK based call centre with bi-lingual agents
  • PCI compliant order processing


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