DRTV Call Centres for Customer Acquisition and Support

Creating a tailored approach to direct response call handling to ensure your media campaign calls, can be managed effectively, to increase sales and revenue.

Creating the right support to convert your DRTV callers into customers.

We know your business is unique and throughout the financial year, a focus on acquisition can be key to generating more enquiries, opportunities and ultimately sales revenue. Whistl specialise within industry sectors such as retail and eCommerce who use Direct Response TV (DRTV) campaigns. We have experience in supporting businesses, brands and products with specific advertising needs and your businesses specific DRTV campaigns. Whatever your product or service, Whistl will help increase sales from your marketing campaigns and improve the reporting of the responses, with our fully trained and dedicated DRTV call handling team. 

Increase your sales 

  • TV ads and infomercials: However and wherever you advertise, we can track campaign and conversion performance.
  • Catalogue and print ads: We support several catalogue brands as their sales conversion specialists.
  • Digital and online: As e-commerce specialists, we react to online sales offers and promotions. 
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Improve your reporting 

  • Synthesis scripting tool to capture customer information and purchase data 
  • True tracking and ROI analysis based on individual media and consumer spend 
  • Agency collaboration to reduce your businesses time and money  
Personalised CRM systems

Bespoke training 

  • In-house, bespoke training from you to our advisors. Meet the team that will become an extension of your business. 
  • Simple yet effective team leader training roll-out option saving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business 
  • Bespoke client training pack signed off by you for our advisors 
Fulfilment Contact Services

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