Inbound Call Centre Services

Offering your business outsourced inbound call centre handling, with our UK based inbound call centre.

We know all of your customers are important and as your business grows, so can your customer base and the numbers of inbound calls that your business receives.

With bespoke solutions, Whistl are here to support key objectives and with our outsourced inbound call management services, we work as an extension of your business and handle your customer calls in the same way as your call agents would be briefed, with our UK call centres.

By offering a tailored service, we can work in partnership with you and your business to provide a complete outsourced customer service department. Our support allows you to concentrate on your core business activities and growth objectives. 

We offer you a multi-channel, customer handling service from standard customer service call handling to social media monitoring. 

Our tailored services can include: 

  • DRTV Contact Centre: However and wherever you advertise, we can track campaign and conversion performance, ensuring your media campaigns deliver results.
  • Complaint Resolution: We aid the customer experience and repeat custom by offering a first-class, award-winning service.
  • Bureau Call Centre: An ideal solution for managing lower or irregular contact volume. Whistl's bureau contact handling fees are simply dependant on call volumes, giving you total pricing flexibility. 
  • eCommerce Customer Service: Order tracking, returns processing, and order support for online shoppers. Improve your shoppers experience with additional support, including live chat management. 
  • Out Of Hours Support: Extend your operating hours with a simple outsourced contact handling solution. We offer 24/7 support across all industry sectors. 
Third party customer services

We also offer 

  • Dedicated Call Centre: Your own dedicated team, fully trained to your specification. An ideal solution for large contact volumes through multiple channels. 
  • Customer Services: Outsourced customer service support for brands and retailer. Trusted, reliable and efficient for any customer needs. 
  • Booking lines: First class support for ticket, travel, event and sales booking lines.  
  • Overflow Contact Handling: Extend your daily contact handling capacity with a trusted overflow partner. Our flexible teams can be on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • Tech support: Expand your tech support availability for your customers. We work closely with you to roll out specific, tailored training to our advisors.
eCommerce Customer Service Solutions

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