Contact Centre solutions for the Energy Sector

Energy Sector

Enhanced customer experiences for the energy sector, with bespoke Contact Centre services.

UK consumers have more options available to improve their energy efficiencies from the recent nationwide smart meter roll-out giving households more information on energy usage to improved energy ratings on household appliances and the increased range of more energy-efficient lighting options. With these technological advancements, your customers have more ways to take control of their financial outgoings and support the future of our ecosystem.

Whistl understands the importance of communicating effectively with your suppliers, partners, and customers. The UKCSI reported in January 2020 that the utility sector scored 72.3 out of 100 (this is a reduction of 1.5 points compared to January 2019 but an increase of 0.2 points versus July 2019). 

Our recent research into what do your customers want from a contact centre shows that 18% of utility customers have stopped using a company due to poor customer service. Whistl help keep your customers happy and loyal by offering bespoke contact centre solutions tailored uniquely to your business and your customers' needs. We work with you to ensure your customers receive professional and seamless customer service, to improve their trust and loyalty, so you can continue to focus on your industry sector position. 



Whistl technology solutions create easy integrations, so we can start dealing with your increased call volumes on your behalf, sooner 

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Key Utility Customer Services Statistics

Source: The Institute of Customer Service

Utility Importance


Customer Complaint Handling Score (Jul19)

Utility importance of customer service


Customers rated their experience as important when reporting a problem (Jul19)

Utility Satisfaction Score


Utility Customer Satisfaction Score (Jan20)

Tailored Contact Centre Services for Utility Providers

When supplying and servicing both residential and business properties with specific services such as electricity, water, gas, or natural energy your customers are reliant upon your business every day. However, there may be situations where an issue arises with supply and your customer base will be looking for a quick resolve.

With the government, in April 2020 Ofwat introduced customer measure of experience (C-MeX) and developer services measure of experience (D-MeX) to the 17 largest water companies in England and Wales. Both measures focus on the satisfaction ratings and both primarily survey-based incentive mechanisms, measuring direct customer feedback and comparisons against KPI's. 

Customer service excellence should now be the primary focus, as companies can receive outperformance payments or incur underperformance payments based on their scores within the league table. Whistl's tailored contact centre services support your business, providing unrivalled customer service to support business challenges, such as seasonal peak periods. 


Third party customer services

Tailored Contact Centre Services for Energy Providers 

Your customers or prospects look to your company to provide them with the best options for both their budget and consumption ethos. Your customers are researching services and comparing the best deal for their homes and businesses and they will often want to discuss their options with you directly to ensure they have secured the best possible rate for their energy services.

Following Ofgem's introduction of a customer price cap for variable contracts in January 2019, a lowered cap for retail energy prices was effective from October 2019. Protecting 11 million UK customers with the Default Tariff Price Cap, or 4 million customers with the Prepayment Meter Price Cap. 

Whistl knows your customers and prospective customers have questions and your customer service is more important than ever, with our tailored contact centre solutions your business will
receive excellent customer services, source the right deal or support with technical solutions. Our tailored support for energy providers supports growth in a competitive market.


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Dealing with an increased volume of calls or just need more customer service support. Your customers, dealerships, and third-party partners will feel supported when you outsource to Whistl.

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Whistl's Utility and Energy Contact Centre Services can include:

  • Appliance Repair Scheduling Services
  • Appointment Reminder Services
  • Appointment setting for field agents
  • Chat Support Services
  • Complaint management and resolution
  • Complaint Resolution
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Support Services
  • Customer surveys
  • Emergency Hotlines & Dispatching Services
  • Energy Efficient Products Sales & Support
  • General enquiries
  • Meter reading services
  • Peak Time Billing/Savings Updates
  • Planned Power Outage Services
  • Planned Power Outage Services
  • Power outage/restoration support
  • Survey Capabilities Services
  • Switch Board Services
  • Technical support
  • Technical Support Services
  • And more 

Overflow Call Handling

Have your calls exceeded the capacity of your in-house call handling team? Or do you need to add further flexibility to handle peak periods of the day? Whistl offers a daily contact handling capacity as your trusted overflow partner. Our flexible teams can manage the calls that are not currently being answered effectively

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Direct Response Call Centre

Marketing campaign periods can be challenging to manage, with the invariability of the call demand against the campaign objectives. Whistl supports your business and each campaign, wherever you advertise, tracking campaign and conversion performance and ensuring your media campaigns deliver results.


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Out of Hours Call Handling

Does your business have fixed business hours for your customer service team? Whistl can support your customers, extending your operating hours or cater to customers in different timezones with our outsourced call handling solution, ensuring excellent customer service across all industry sectors. 

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Technical Support

Increase the technical support available to your customers by outsourcing some or all of these calls to Whistl, We work closely with your business to ensure our call agents are trained to understand the customer's issues and determine how and if they can be fixed, to roll out specific technical services and solutions in your behalf.

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Bureau Call Centre

Whistl’s Bureau Call Centre is an ideal solution for managing lower or variable call volumes. For businesses that do not require a dedicated team of call agents on a regular basis, then create more cost efficiencies with our bureau team. Our bureau call centre call handling fees are based simply on your call volumes, giving pricing flexibility. 

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Dedicated Call Centre

Your business inbound call volumes have outgrown your internal team of call operators? Create more cost efficiencies in call management with Whistl's dedicated call centre team. Our agents are fully be trained to your specification. We also offer a dedicated solution, flexible to handle multiple contact channels with our contact centre solutions.

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Whether you require a dedicated team for all enquiries, your office has reached capacity, or you need help managing peak periods, our inbound customer service management could be the solution. 

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Why Energy and Utility Companies Outsource Contact Centre Support to  Whistl 

Energy and utility companies from new starters, growing brands or established providers outsource their B2C and B2B contact centre operations to Whistl because they benefit in the following areas:

  • Economies of scale 
  • Strong UK based team of skilled agents 
  • A proven track record within energy and utilities 
  • Key reporting and analysis of customer behaviour 

We offer your business unparalleled customer service support with our UK based team of well-trained contact agents. With the latest technology and seamless integrations we can facilitate your needs quickly to meet your current contact challenges, whether your business needs inbound call support to cover holidays or sickness patterns or multi-channel contact support for emails, web chat or social media, we are here to help. 

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