Supporting the Healthcare Sector with bespoke Contact Centre solutions

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Enhance your customer experience with our outsourced contact centre services, creating support for your business so you can focus on their care and wellbeing.

Healthcare can cover a wide range of business areas, with a broad range of topics being more accessible to consumers to improve wellness. Topics can include ways to improve physical health with advice on diet, fitness to how to improve of our quality of mental health.

The market value the health and wellness sector in the UK is predicted to reach 25 billion euros by 2020. With Western European predicted to reach a market value of around 140 billion euro within 2019.

In the United Kingdom improvements in healthcare and lifestyles have resulted in more people are living longer. As a result the old age dependency ratio (OADR) is increasing. With differing population and age ratio prediction throughout the UK, could mean more pressure on businesses that offer services relating to health and wellbeing.

With an aging population the care home market continues to be an important part of this industry sector. With care choices often made on behalf of individuals, who are often extremely vulnerable. The care homes sector is worth around £15.9 billion a year in the UK and an estimated 5,500 different providers in the UK operating 11,300 care homes for the elderly. When it comes to finding the right nature and quality of care there are a number of choices within the UK. With many people starting their research process with a call into their local or shortlisted selection.

Contact Centre Services

With outsourced customer services we can provide tailored solutions for your business needs. We know that your customers and patients calls are critical to your business, however many of your team have multiple responsibilities. Whistl can take the pressure off your teams so they can focus on core responsibilities while we look after your calls.

Examples of our Healthcare call services can include:

  • Front Desk & General Reception Enquiries
  • Call Volume Support Services
  • Customer Support Services
  • Healthcare Plan Services
  • Home Care Assistance Services
  • Patient Survey Services
  • Patient Billing Enquiries and Management Services

Whether you require a dedicated team for all enquiries, your office has reached capacity, or you need help managing peak periods, our inbound customer service management could be the solution.

Whistl’s outsourced contact centre services are tailored to your business and needs, get in touch with us to find out how we can help


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