What’s the difference between overflow and out of hour’s call answering services?

Does your business need overflow call handling support or out of hours call handling support

Whistl provides two types of call centre services to help you maximise your customer care, during times of increased volumes of call traffic and typical business hours.

  • Overflow call handling services

Can operate during either business and out of hour’s services to help you manage increases in demand. Many businesses have customer demand that has unplanned peaks, with an outsourced service we are available to support your business so that your customers are not kept waiting on hold or in customer queues. Whistl’s overflow contact handling will offer you and your business more flexibility to extend your opening hours so you have professional call management services available whenever your customers need your business, without your business operating all day and night. 

  • Out of hours call handling services 

Are designed to help you respond to more urgent queries outside of your normal operating hours. Many businesses have the ‘standard business’ hours we have become used to over the years, broadly these mean business are staffed from around 8am to around 6pm. 
With more businesses are offering their staff more flexible working hours and accommodating home working, some businesses are able to extend these typical hours slightly but often cannot operate a 24/7 support. With an outsourced contact centre support your business does not need to rely on internal staffing and resource, saving your business additional operating costs.  

Does your business need to be available to your customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week?
Out of hours and overflow call support can be required for many industry sectors including facility management companies, security companies, health and wellbeing support such as doctors, dentists, and veterinary companies. 

Your customers are at the heart of your business, their loyalty and satisfaction will allow your business to grow. With more companies offering services, goods, and support internationally your customer support needs to reflect this evolution in business strategy. This may mean you have multiple peak operating hours to service for the key countries that your business supports. 

Contact Centre support overflow or out of hours

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Customer service is at the heart of your business
Whistl conducted research in the summer of 2018 to understand What British Consumers Think of Customer Service Centres. We found that though the British public has a reputation as queue lovers, happily standing in line chatting about the weather, tutting at queue-jumpers and complainers, the reality is actually quite different. Most Brits would wait just TWO minutes before hanging up with Millennials the least patient of all with companies having just 60 seconds to resolve their problems on the phone before they hang up. Read more about the insights here.

What are the benefits of extending your business operating hours?
Ensure your customers will always get to talk to a real person. Whistl’s out of hours and overflow call handling services will ensure that your company has a call represented available to provide your customers assistance and support when they need it. 

Our experienced and professional call agents are trained and managed to answer every phone call as if they worked within your office locations. Before we take any of your customer's calls we work closely with your business to develop and set the right strategy and operating plan so that we understand your business, unique selling points, and business ethos so we can work as an extension of your business and team. This means we can effectively answer every call in your company name and with the agreed service levels and key performance indicators that you would set for your internal staff. 

With Whistl’s inbound contact centre support services, your business will benefit from increased sales, productivity and profitability, seven days a week and around the clock.


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