International Delivery Update

Updated on 27th March 2020 - 12:30pm

Whistl would like to reassure our customers that it's business as usual for Whistl International. Despite some delivery challenges on key countries we are still collecting, processing and injecting all untracked and tracked items into final mile carriers to all countries that remain open for the passage of commercial movements.

International Carriers are currently experiencing delays with a number of countries canceling flights between Europe and the rest of the World. Countries within the EU are shutting borders and some are or have gone into lockdown. This means that almost all international mail and parcels will be delayed regardless of the country of destination as many pass-through EU borders. For more details on each country, please see below: 

UK → European Union (EU)  

  • All  volume for both untracked and tracked services is still being collected, processed and delivered to final mile delivery partners to all EU Countries

  • All EU borders will remain open for movement of commercial goods at this time.

Key EU Updates

  • Eastern Europe – All services continue to move via road with expected delays of at least 72hrs+
  • France – La Poste / Colissimo have notified all clients of the following measures taken
    • Saturday 28th there will be no deliveries performed resulting in service delays
    • From Monday 30th March until further notice La Poste / Colissimo will move to a three day week for deliveries Wednesday to Friday
  • General overview – Due to the impact on staffing levels in country with final mile partners service delays in the main will be at least 48hrs on all EU counties with the worst affected detailed in the list below.

EU Service Delays in Worst Affected Countries:

  • Italy 72 hours
  • Eastern Europe 72 hours
  • Spain 72 hours
  • Netherlands 72 hours 
  • Croatia 72 hours
  • Belgium 728 hours
  • France 72 hours


Whistl's USA service is operating Business as usual with material moving successfully through the transatlantic supply chains at this time.

Our current challenges are as follows: 

  • Airlift capacity – Whistl is operating business as usual on all untracked mail and tracked parcel services to the USA and will continue as normal heading into next week
  • Service delays – currently we are experiencing delays of at least 48-72hrs going into East and West coast gateways
  • Challenges ahead
    • Delays will potentially increase in the coming weeks as COVID-19 Impacts the US delivery workforce
    • Airline capacity will prove to be the biggest challenge for all UK to US carriers moving forward

Airline Cost Increases Advised

Due to shrinking airlift capacity across the world in the light of COVID-19 Impacts virtually all major airlines still operating have issued additional surcharges to access space as advised in previous communications.

NO change to the advised increases below which are STILL in place

Affected countries and additional surcharges in place on the following services and formats:


  • Tracked parcels will see a surcharge of £0.66p per kilo in addition to the current rate
  • Untracked (LETTERS, FLATS & PACKETS) items are NOT affected


  • Untracked LETTERS only will see a surcharge of £2.50 per kilo in addition to the current rate
  • Untracked packets and FLATS are NOT affected
  • TRACKED parcels are NOT affected


  • Untracked postal (LETTERS. FLATS & PACKETS) – will see a surcharge of £3.10 per kilo in addition to the current rate.
  • USA TRACKED parcels - £0.75 per kilo in addition to the current rate

Rest of World Regions Experiencing Delivery Delays

We have been advised by in country partners the list of countries below are experiencing delivery delays and disruption.

PLEASE NOTE : on all countries that have stopped services, Whistl will be returning the items back as quickly as possible to the clients if any slip through. We feel it is better for the client to have the items returned and available in stock for purchase than to hold them until supply chains normalise which could be weeks or even months.

Countries below have all stopped STANDARD TRACKED & PREMIUM TRACKED services:


Countries below all  are experiencing service disruption on UNTRACKED MAIL services:

All countries highlighted in RED in the chart below have been added to the list of countries today experiencing difficulties and are NOT accepting Mail

IMPORT (i.e. mail and goods coming into the UK)


  • Volume continues to come into the UK at reduced level’s due to limited/restricted flight schedules  
  • USA shippers and carriers continue to face challenges on airline availability going into the weekend and next week

EU → UK 

  • All supply chains remain open for mail and goods movements coming in from the EU albeit with slight de of 24hrs. We expect the delays to increase as workforce is impacted due to self-isolation.
  • There is still limited European flights operating into the UK, however the current flight schedule will reduce further over the next 4-6 days impacting volumes.


  • Manufacturing and distribution out of China is continuing to increase further
  • Arrivals from Hong Kong, Singapore and main land China has again seen limited/restricted flight schedules on Friday 27th March coming into the UK
  • Volume continues to come into the UK at a reduced level’s due to limited/restricted flight schedules.  
  • USA shippers and carriers continue to face challenges on airline availability going into the weekend and next week.

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