International Delivery Update

Information update as of Friday 18th September 2020 

Whistl would like to reassure our customers that it's business as usual for Whistl International. Despite some delivery challenges on key countries we are still collecting, processing, and injecting all untracked and tracked items into final mile carriers to all countries that remain open for the passage of commercial movements.

Some International Carriers are experiencing delays with a number of countries canceling flights between Europe and the rest of the World. 

For more details on each country, please see below: 

General Service Update


Key Region / Country

Latest View / Update

Uk to Europe (EU)

Majority of mainland Europe is operating as normal with minimal delays


Due to worsening COVID situation there is significant delays of at least 10-12 working days across all East, West & Central gateways and regions

UK to Australia

Delays of at least 8-10 days are still advised with reduced gateway access

UK to New Zealand

Delays of at least 8-10 days are still advised

China Import to UK

Almost back to full capacity

USA Import to UK

Airlift capacity continues to be affected out of all major US gateways

Airline Cost Increases Advised

Due to shrinking airlift capacity across the world in the light of COVID-19 Impacts, virtually all major airlines still operating have issued additional surcharges to access space.

Affected countries and additional surcharges in place on the following services and formats. 

International costs COVID.png

Rest of World Regions Experiencing Delivery Delays

We have been advised by in-country partners the list of countries below are experiencing delivery delays and disruption.

PLEASE NOTE: on all countries that have stopped services, Whistl will be returning the items back as quickly as possible to the clients if any slip through.

Destinations that are Embargoed where Whistl have not been able to obtain an alternative carrier or the country is not accepting inbound traffic during the pandemic crisis

Embargo list 2 sept 2020.png

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