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International Mail To China

China has been the world’s largest exporter for a few years and is now also the second-largest exporter too, just behind the USA. This makes it the world’s largest trading nation and many businesses are taking advantage of the opportunities that exporting to the country offers. There is therefore a huge volume of mail and parcels sent daily both to and from China from the UK.

At Whistl we provide reliable business delivery management solutions for companies sending high frequency mail and parcels to China. Our international services include a wide range of options and advantages to ensure your deliveries arrive on time and in top condition. Whether you need to send regular mail to Beijing or parcels to Shanghai, our worldwide coverage makes these options and more possible.

Chinese Postal Statistics

In 2015 Chinese parcel volumes reached 20.6 billion items, both sent and received in the country, representing massive growth from 1.2 billion in 2007. For three years in a row China’s express delivery volume has been the largest in the world, handling 100 million parcels every day, maintaining a 50% growth rate.

One of the main driving forces behind China’s postal market boom has been the impact of ecommerce and online retail. Nearly 40% of China’s population are online shoppers, with over 600 million internet users in the country. This represents a massive market potential for online retailers and ecommerce around the world looking to export to China.

Send Parcels to China with Whistl

With international delivery solutions, we offer flexible options to suit your business needs, convenient collection times and clear country by country invoicing. No matter what you need to send or the volume of regular deliveries we can find an appropriate option, with no minimum weights.

Whistl's dedicated account management team support you throughout the process. We collect, transport, sort and despatch your items before handing over to an international delivery agent and the local postal operator completes the delivery.

Send parcels to China with Whistl and improve your business opportunities.

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