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International Mail To China

As the world’s largest manufacturer it’s no surprise that China tops the export chart with sales amounting to $2.499 trillion in 2019 with many businesses taking advantage of the opportunities that the country offers. There is therefore a huge volume of mail and parcels sent daily both to and from China from the UK.

At Whistl we provide reliable business delivery management solutions for companies sending high-frequency mail and parcels to China. Our international services include a wide range of options and advantages to ensure your deliveries arrive on time and in top condition. Whether you need to send regular mail to Beijing or parcels to Shanghai, our worldwide coverage makes these options and more possible.

Chinese Postal Statistics

In 2018 the Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index revealed that China shipped 51bn parcels 2018. This was the largest market parcel volume growth at 26% year on year.

One of the main driving forces behind China’s postal market boom has been the impact of e-commerce and online retail. According to Statista 710.27m of China’s population are online shoppers, with 42% having bought from abroad. With a population of 1.4 billion, this represents a massive market potential for online retailers and e-commerce around the world looking to export to China.

Send Parcels to China with Whistl

With international delivery solutions, we offer flexible options to suit your business needs, convenient collection times, and clear country by country invoicing. No matter what you need to send or the volume of regular deliveries we can find an appropriate option, with no minimum weights.

Whistl's dedicated account management team supports you throughout the process. We collect, transport, sort, and despatch your items before handing them over to an international delivery agent and the local postal operator completes the delivery. 

We offer you a seamless service that is guaranteed to provide you with the solutions you need to get your parcels delivered in China. With a wealth of industry experience, we are flexible and have built up networks to support your parcel deliveries, to and from China.

Send parcels to China with Whistl and improve your business opportunities.

Arrange Parcel Delivery to or from China with Whistl's International Shipping Services

Whatever industry your company works in, if you’re looking to start to send parcels to China or increase your international imports to the UK from China then our services can ensure your deliveries arrive on time with a smooth process.

Whistl is a trusted business delivery management company offering leadership in business mail and parcel delivery solutions, to ensure reliable postage to and from China.

With Whistl we work with you in partnership to understand your shipping needs, to find the right service and carriers to get your customers' items delivered.

Whistl's International Parcel Delivery Services

Whistl can support your International Parcel Deliveries

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UK Fulfilment Services For Chinese Retailers

Our range of international order fulfilment and distribution options allows you to expand your offering here in the UK. Reach British customers, by letting Whistl manage your logistics. 

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