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Europe is home to the largest economy in the world, comprising of 51 independent states across an eclectic geographical and demographical region. Many businesses, both based in and outside of the continent, rely on importing and exporting within Europe to ensure strong business growth and to discover new opportunities.

According to the United Nations in 2015 around 1.2 million Brits were living in other European countries, while nearly 3.3 million Europeans were living in the UK. Along with business parcel delivery, this creates a high demand for regular postage across the continent for individuals. From the cold north of Iceland to the cross-continental climate down south in Turkey, postage across Europe can be arranged with Whistl.

European e-Commerce Market

Europe covers a wide and diverse area, home to 747 million people, 85% of whom are internet users. A breakdown of internet users and online shopping by country was published by Eurostat, Internet use, and online purchases in Europe, 2019 (Top 5):

European Country % Purchased online within the last 12 months % Used internet within the last 12 month
UK 87 96
Denmark 84 97
Sweden 82 98
Norway 82 99
Netherlands 81 96

B2C e-commerce sales were expected to be worth €621b in 2019. Western Europe accounts for a 66% of Europe’s e-commerce turnover, according to the Ecommerce Foundation:

Area Share of European e-commerce turnover
West Europe 66%
South Europe 14%
Northern Europe 9%
Central Europe 6%
Eastern Europe 4%

The 2018 e-Commerce Report stated that the top 3 e-commerce markets in Europe led with the UK who had a market share of €178b, France took 2nd place (€93b), and Germany a close 3rd (€93b).

Whistl’s European Parcel Delivery Solutions

Depending on whereabouts in Europe you need to send mail or parcels, different customs duties will be applied and addressing systems vary.

For businesses that regularly require high frequency deliveries across Europe, our services can provide an ideal solution, whether you’re focused on one particular European country or many across the continent.  

Download and read Whistl's cross-border research findings:

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