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International Mail To France

France has the second largest economy in Europe and fifth in the world based on nominal figures. With close ties to the UK and many other European nations, sharing borders with Spain, Italy, Germany and more, it can be an important destination for many businesses. This makes France a popular place for businesses across different sectors to expand into, from online retailers to ecommerce companies.

Around 150,000 Brits currently live in France, with about 300,000 French people based in the UK as well, creating a greater demand for mail and parcel delivery to and from France. As an EU member, currently there are no customs considerations when sending a parcel to France and shipping to France can be done so affordably with Whistl.  

French Postal Statistics

In 2015 France sent and received the third highest amount of addressed mail with 12 billion items, just behind the UK (12.2 billion) and Germany (15.7 billion). It was also third in terms of market mail items per household, with 416, behind the UK (433) and Austria (485).

86% of letters were delivered on time in 2015 across France too, which wasn’t as high as the UK, Belgium or The Netherlands, but still greater than other European countries such as Bulgaria and Poland. The proportion of individuals who made an online purchase in 2016 was 66%, relatively low compared to many other nations (83% in the UK, 74% in Germany).

Send Parcels to France with Whistl

If your business is already sending a number of parcels to France, other mail items or has plans to begin exporting to the country in the future, then our services will be of great use.

Whistl are a trusted business delivery management company offering leadership in business mail and parcel delivery to ensure reliable postage to France. Whistl also offers leaflet and fulfilment solutions too.

Looking to improve business parcel delivery to France, create a business account for courier services or understand more around shipping to France, we will give you clear guidance and information on how to effectively send parcels to France helping you to increase business opportunities. Postage to France, courier services to France or shipping to France, has never been so simple.


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