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International Mail To Ireland

Sharing the UK’s only land border, Ireland is the closest trading partner in terms of distance alone. With a population approaching five million and home to global businesses including Ryanair, Kerry Group, Primark and many more, the country is also one of the UK’s most popular trading partners.

Due to its close proximity, strong transport links, an open economy, language and cultural similarities, doing business in Ireland is a common first step for many businesses when they begin exporting overseas. It was the UK’s fifth largest trading partner in 2017 and has seen good growth in recent years.

Arranging parcel deliveries to Ireland with Whistl can be fast and affordable thanks to the relatively short distance and strong transport links. We offer a wide range of reliable mail and parcel delivery solutions to Ireland that will suit your needs.  

Irish Trading and Postal Statistics

UK exports to Ireland were worth £34 billion in 2017, reaching a record high and up from £28.1 billion the year before. It was also the first year-on-year growth in British exports to Ireland since 2010. UK imports from Ireland have experienced five years of successive growth as well, creating a strong balance of trade and making Ireland the second-highest trade surplus after the USA.

Ireland accounted for 5.5% of UK exports and 3.4% of its import market, making it the fifth and ninth largest export and import partner respectively. Such a strong relationship that continues to grow means there is a lot of opportunity and benefits for businesses in both countries.

An Post is the national postal service in Ireland, with an annual revenue of around €840 million and employing just over 7,500 workers. If you are looking to send mail or parcels to Ireland, at Whistl we offer international parcel delivery to meet your needs.

Arrange Parcel Delivery to Ireland with Whistl

Convenient collection times, fast and reliable parcel delivery are all part of our delivery solutions, we make the whole process easy by collecting, transporting, sorting and delivering your customers items to the Emerald Isle, with a complete range of services for tracked, standard and express delivery options available, we find the right solution for your business.


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