Business Delivery Solutions to Spain

International Mail To Spain

One of the fastest growing economies in Europe, Spanish markets are attracting the attention of many British businesses. Over 900 UK companies currently operate in Spain, with many planning to increase their investment there.

Spain is clearly a lucrative spot for business growth. It’s one of the biggest consumer markets in the EU, with a population of around 47 million. Around 1 million of these are British nationals who take permanent or part-time residence in the country.

Thanks to its efficient transportation systems and competitive transportation costs, businesses have a strong infrastructure to thrive in Spain. Here at Whistl, we can offer your business a wide range of reliable international delivery services when sending business mail or parcels to Spain.

Postal Statistics from Spain

Thanks to the efficiency of European postal services, over 97% of mail delivered around the EU arrives safely at its destination within five days. This high-quality service is evident within Spain’s main postal service provider, Correos, which has been known to handle some of the highest volumes of letters in the continent.

The ecommerce market in Spain has remained consistently strong – there are around 23.6 million ecommerce consumers and this number is set to grow, with an additional 5.6 million online shoppers by 2021. Also, many Spanish consumers are familiar with buying goods from abroad and prefer to use foreign websites when shopping online. In fact, 92% of cross-border ecommerce is completed with other EU countries.

Arrange a Parcel Delivery to Spain with Whistl

With a strong demand for European products, expanding to Spanish markets might be a lucrative decision for British businesses hoping to grow. Whether you’re in the retail, telecoms or the financial sector, our expert solutions can help to ensure smooth operations when delivering abroad. Our delivery solutions provide your business with trusted international services and convenient collection times.


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