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International Mail To The USA

As a powerhouse of the global economy, and a large country, it is fair to say that the USA receives a huge amount of trade and postage on a daily basis. In fact, its trade routes extend across the entire world, and it has one of the largest economies on the planet. As such, many businesses across the world send parcels to the USA on a regular basis, as doing business with the country forms an essential part of their trade.

As an effective business delivery management company, we offer effective solutions for businesses which want to send parcels overseas. No matter where you want to send your parcel in the USA, you can be sure that we’ve got your requirements covered.

USA Postage Facts

In 2015, the estimated North American courier, express and parcels market generated revenues amounting to around 60 billion euros, showing just how significant postage to the USA truly is. Parcels of all different shapes and sizes are sent regularly, and the courier industry clearly makes up a large part of the economy.

The total mail volume delivered by the USPS was over 150 billion units in 2016 alone, and USA imports amounted to $2.7 trillion. The continued growth of the ecommerce sector is likely to ensure these figures continue to rise for years to come, especially given that the GDP of the USA has been growing by 1.8% per year since 2011.

Send Parcels to the USA with Whistl

We offer you a seamless service which is guaranteed to provide you with the solutions you need to get your parcels delivered to the USA. With a wealth of industry experience, we are flexible, and have built up networks to support all parcel deliveries to the USA. We also offer convenient collection times, no minimum weights for your parcels, and a dedicated account manager to oversee the process.

Our comprehensive service involves us collecting your parcel, transporting it to the correct destination, and despatching it. Your delivery will be completed by a local operator once we have handed over to them.


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