Automate and control PDF output

PDF documents sent externally – generated by multi-site teams in Enterprise Resource Planning systems – need to be more effectively managed.

PDFs generated in volume, need to be despatched quickly. You want to ensure accuracy, but the fixed data format of
a PDF prevents any automated checks and validation.

Your output options are also limited. Multi-channel delivery is a possibility, but it’s fragmented and often not secure.

Engage is a document control application that brings PDF data to life. It gives you the power to do more with your PDF data, to gain greater control and do it at speed.

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    Upload data from multiple systems

    Transfer PDF documents from any software, via a print driver, the online Engage application or an API for
    your organisation.

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    Control document accuracy

    Approve or reject PDF documents quickly, through management controls and automated rejection rules.

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    Prioritise and automate output

    Apply rules to specific documents to systematically upgrade urgent postal items to first-class and automate output for post, email or online portal.

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    Detailed document tracking

    Comply with legal deadlines and plan resources for response handling, by monitoring output to when the last document is physically enclosed. Download tracking information to integrate with your existing systems.