Hybrid Mail

The efficient way to print and post every day documents.

The documents generated every day in offices and call centres are expensive.

You can’t anticipate daily print volumes, so your teams react. They create, print, enclose and frank letters. When needed they buy ink, paper and toner and periodically review staffing and renew equipment.

Hybrid Mail is a simple print and post application to automate your every day document production.

Letters and postcards, created by your teams, are securely transferred to Hybrid Mail for production. It’s about getting your document from a Desktop to the doormat in just a few minutes.

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    Flexible capacity

    Print what you need, when you need it, with no minimum order quantity.

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    Reduce costs by up to 30%

    Save money on franking, stationery and printing equipment. Plus control how much users spend with detailed cost reports.

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    Mail documents the same day

    Upload by 4pm, we’ll print, enclose and despatch that day.

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    Improve brand consistency

    Create document templates to give uniformity to your communications.

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