Secure Portal

Ready to take your documents online.

Technology is driving demand for consumer style online communications.

Your role is to reach people wherever they are with time-critical documents.

You need a secure method of presenting personal information. You regularly communicate to people and know they'd value a history of your correspondence and opportunities to view more online. 

Secure Portal is our online vault application, that presents current and historical documents, all in one place.

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    On demand access

    24 hours a day, from any Internet enabled device: mobile, tablet, laptop and even games consoles!

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    Optimised for mobile

    An app style viewing experience without the need to develop and maintain an app.

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    Designed for integration

    Connects to established systems to automate business processes and increase response rates.

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    Encourages engagement

    Present messages, news and a range of documents in one secure location people can access anywhere.