View My Doc

Putting information at their fingertips.

In a world consumed by devices, demand is growing for your documents to be online.

Your content is important and needs to be seen, but you communicate infrequently with some people and feel a Secure Portal wouldn’t be used.

You’re tempted to use email attachments, but risk compliance issues. Data protection teams calling into question email security and the risk of documents held in spam.

View My Doc is a hosted application that presents users with a view of a document, in a protected online environment.

At work, home or even waiting for the bus, your users can access information from any online device.

Importantly, for your time-critical communications, you can track each document to ensure it has been received and viewed.

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    No registration required

    Users view their document with a password created from memorable data you supply.

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    Reliable hosting

    We ensure the document is available when your recipient wants to view it – from a secure personalised URL.

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    Controlled distribution

    You define how long a document is visible and can withdraw it to comply with data protection ‘right to be forgotten’ requests.

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    Tailored alerts

    Receive email alerts for users who haven’t viewed your content: allowing you to prioritise follow-ups for appointments or documents needing an urgent response.