TNT Post Rebrand FAQ - Common Questions


Why is TNT Post changing its name?
We are changing our name due the split of the TNT Group in 2011 and TNT Express kept the right to use the TNT brand.  

Why is it called Whistl?
We developed the brand after extensive research and Whistl was chosen because we are a people business and we have always been noisy in the markets in which we operate.  It is a sign that we want our employees to work in a happy environment and it reflects the emotional relationship customers have with us – they see us as people with a ‘can do’ attitude rather than just a delivery business.

Are we still part of PostNL?
Yes we are currently fully owned by PostNL but that will change when we conclude the investment deal we announced last December.

How did you decide on the name?
We took a fresh look at the business, where we are today and where we may be in the future.  We did not want to restrict ourselves to post and needed a broader brand to reflect everything we already do – mail, logistics, packets and parcels and doordrop.  We undertook a lot of research and everyone said they think the company is a real people business, so we used this theme in developing names and also looked at both descriptive and abstract names.  After research with customers, consumers and prospects, Whistl was chosen as it is memorable, allows brand stretch into new areas making it future-proof. It’s also very human and happy people whistle!

Will you be offering new services?
The brand is flexible and allows us to diversify and develop new services without us having to change it in the future.

Is PostNL changing its name?
No. This was done when TNT Group was split into TNT Express and PostNL in 2011. Our colleagues in Germany have changed their name to Postcon and in Italy to Nexive. Whistl is our very own, unique UK name.

Is the management team changing?
No, it’s the same people, leading a great team who deliver day in and day out for our customers.


Will my contract change?
No it’s business as usual, apart from a new email address and legal name.  Existing contracts are with the same legal entity, which is identified by its registration number and this does not change. New contracts will use the new name.

Can I still use the current indicia?
All indicia using TNT Post UK will need to stop being used by 31st December 2014.
We notified customers several months ago of the change to enable them to run down existing printed stocks and to use the following indicia moving forward.


The new indicia for E2E, below, should be used on all mail delivered by Whistl going forward.



Will your VAT number change?
No, our VAT number remains exactly the same.

Will I need to change payment details?
All bank details will remain the same apart from the name of the account. We will instruct our bank to accept payments made to the old and new names so suppliers’ systems can be updated.

Are our contracts still valid?
Yes, it’s business as usual but with a new name.  Existing contracts are with the same legal entity, which is identified by its registration number and this does not change.  New contracts will use the new name.


Did you change your name due to any bad press?
Our name has changed due to the split of TNT Group in 2011 and TNT Express keeping the rights to use the TNT brand.  The same process has occurred in PostNL’s other international markets with Germany rebranding to Postcon and Italy to Nexive. 

Is this the same TNT Post under a new name?
Yes it is and we are proud of our track record in innovation within the postal market, creating and delivering services, that our clients require, saving customers money through excellent customer service and creating thousands of new jobs.

What is happening with the Ofcom complaint?
Ofcom is still reviewing the complaint and we expect to hear their proposals in the Autumn.

What is happening with the Joint Venture?
It is still on track awaiting Ofcom’s proposals, so it’s business as usual

Are you still part of PostNL?
We remain a 100% subsidiary of the PostNL group.

Who did the brand development work?
Sutcliffe, Reynolds, Fitzgerald (SRF) in Leamington Spa.

Did you change the name because of the confusion with TNT Express?
No, it was due to the TNT Group split in 2011 and TNT Express keeping the rights to the name. It is sad to lose such an iconic brand name but we are very proud of our new brand.

Will the old website still work or will people be diverted automatically to the new site?
If you visit you will automatically be diverted to the new website,