What is pick and pack fulfilment?

Pick and pack fulfilment is the retail management process that occurs after your customer places an order from your e-commerce store.

Orders are 'picked' and then 'packed' on a continuous, or pre-determined periodical basis for your customer-generated orders.  Customer orders are converted into a picking list, which is generated to determine the optimum quantities of each product, from its pick location in the warehouse. Once located, your products are ‘picked’ from their warehouse area and packed into the appropriate package (box, packet or carton), along with the required packaging and postal documents.

On completion of this pick and pack process, the package is labelled for its customer's destination, whether that is a domestic or international address and shipped via Whistl’s carefully selected range of carrier partners.

What are the benefits of outsourcing picking and packing operations?

A natural part of business growth is the realisation that to further enhance your order fulfilment processes and realise your growth potential, outsourcing with a pick and pack fulfilment centre will facilitate your business growth and help you to better focus on your own core competencies. 

Whistl's services are best suited for companies that receive on average of 500 orders a day.

Warehouse Fulfilment Services

Outsourced Fulfilment Services 

Increase customer satisfaction by outsourcing your order fulfilment process to fulfil and exceed customer expectations and more reliably deliver on your shipping promises.

Whistl offers a range of cost-effective pick and pack fulfilment services, with the choice of gift-wrapping options, personalised messages and packing options, we will then pick your items and pack them, ensuring the most efficient turnaround.

Pick and Pack Solutions

Why choose Whistl as your Fufilment partner? 

One of the leading e-commerce fulfilment providers, Whistl will help you save time and money, increase delivery performance and enhance the customer experience.

Whistl is a top 10 privately owned UK company with more than 400k sq ft of warehouse fulfilment space in the UK.

Whistl’s team of fulfilment specialists are experienced conceptualising and implementing bespoke pick, pack and despatch processes for a wide variety of retailers, brands and wholesalers, operating a range of business models, including subscription box fulfilment and daily deal sites. 

If your business is receiving around 500 orders a day, speak to Whistl to find out how we can help.

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Cross-border customers

Selling internationally or have aspirations for cross-border expansion? Increase your business reach by offering your overseas customers greater choice in international marketplaces. Benefit from Whistl’s combination of proactive order picking and warehouse operations and portfolio of tracked, premium tracked, and standard international parcel delivery services. 

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Tracked International Parcel Deliveries

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