Customer returns, made simple

Whistl have long recognised the importance of dealing with customers and return handling in a friendly and efficient way. We have worked with our clients to develop a range of managed services so sales opportunities can be improved.

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  • Full integration with carriers

    All our internal systems are integrated with our partnered carriers for a seamless service.

  • Smart carrier collection from customers

    Our smart systems will choose the most convenient carrier for collection for your customer at the best price for you.

  • Carrier Requirements

    We can meet your carrier requirements whatever they may be.

  • Repackage return items to saleable stock or to suppliers

    We can manage all faulty goods with your supplier and ensure zero wastage.

  • Customer return item receipts and quality check inspections

    Customer return item receipts and quality check inspections

  • System produced return address labels

    We make your customer returns easy for everyone with system produced labels.

  • Returns photos

    We take a photo of all returns for when you need them.

  • Data capture of the reason code

    All data is captured including the reason for returns for quality and research purposes. We can adjust these reason codes to your requirements.

  • Quality control

    We hire the keenest of eyes to ensure your products are in perfect condition before reaching your customers.