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Inbound Call Centre Services

Offering your business reliable inbound call handling, with our UK based outsourced call centre operations.

Your customers are important, and with a growing business comes an ever-increasing customer base. Many customers still use the telephone as their primary contact route to reach many businesses. So, a growing customer base is likely to result in higher inbound call volumes.

An increase in your customer calls does not need to result in an increase in pressure on your valuable business resources. Whistl is on hand to support your business and give your customers the best customer experience, with inbound call management services, from our reliable and skilled call centre team of agents. Whistl's inbound call centre team are available to handle your customer services with the highest-quality, at the times that your business needs more support. 

Whistl offers bespoke call centre solutions to support your key business objectives, with our outsourced, inbound call management services. We work as an extension of your business and caringly handle your customer calls just as you would, all within our established UK call centres. Offering support for peak periods, overflow of calls from your in-house team or the handling of marketing campaign-related calls. 

Flexible Inbound Contact Centre Services 

If you are seeing an increase in other communication channels, such as online, our flexible UK contact centre services also offer a multi-channel customer handling service. Our flexible contact centre services mean that you have the flexibility scale your operation on demand. Our inbound call management support will allow you to focus on your business, while we focus on providing your customers with service excellence.

We have already noticed a positive effect when working with Whistl and are looking forward to building a strong relationship with them (second month from going live)

Declan Mellett, Executive Chairman Popsa

Whistl offer tailored Inbound Contact Centre Solutions, which can be scaled to suit your businesses inbound demand.  

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Whistl's Inbound Call Centre Services can include:

DRTV Call Centre

Marketing campaign periods can be challenging to manage, with the invariability of the call demand against the campaign objectives. Whistl supports your business and each campaign, wherever you advertise, tracking campaign and conversion performance and ensuring your media campaigns deliver results.


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Overflow Call Handling

Have your calls exceeded the capacity of your in-house call handling team? Or do you need to add further flexibility to handle peak periods of the day? Whistl offers a daily contact handling capacity as your trusted overflow partner. Our flexible teams can manage the calls that are not currently being answered effectively

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Retail Customer

With the ability to buy products in-store on online, your customers may require product and order tracking or a returns service, and order support for online shoppers. Improve their experience, Whistl offers tailored retail solutions for your customers with additional support such as live chat management. 

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Out of Hours Call Handling

Does your business have fixed business hours for your customer service team? Whistl can support your customers, extending your operating hours or cater to customers in different timezones with our outsourced call handling solution, ensuring excellent customer service across all industry sectors. 

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Booking Lines

Create first-class support for ticket, travel, event, and sales booking lines. Our call centre agents work as an extension to your box office support and with seamless integrations, we can ever work directly from your booking portals to improve registrations, ticket sales and even resolve specific customer queries, as they arise. 

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Technical Support

Increase the technical support available to your customers by outsourcing some or all of these calls to Whistl, We work closely with your business to ensure our call agents are trained to understand the customer's issues and determine how and if they can be fixed, to roll out specific technical services and solutions in your behalf.

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Bureau Call Centre

Whistl’s Bureau Call Centre is an ideal solution for managing lower or variable call volumes. For businesses that do not require a dedicated team of call agents on a regular basis, then create more cost efficiencies with our bureau team. Our bureau call centre call handling fees are based simply on your call volumes, giving pricing flexibility. 

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Dedicated Call Centre

Your business inbound call volumes have outgrown your internal team of call operators? Create more cost efficiencies in call management with Whistl's dedicated call centre team. Our agents are fully be trained to your specification. We also offer a dedicated solution, flexible to handle multiple contact channels with our contact centre solutions.

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Why should you outsource your inbound call handling to Whistl?

Call volume peaks during high-seasons and customer service in unsociable hours are difficult to manage in-house and use a lot of precious resources. Operating your customer service entirely in-house costs you time and money, and those are two things that business owners need to grow their enterprises.

Outsourcing your inbound customer services can alleviate some of the pressure that business owners can experience while trying to grow their brand. By outsourcing these duties to an external company, suddenly resources are free to focus on core business objectives and product developments. 

Whistl’s inbound call handling management is:

  • Available across all channel (not just calls) and is both scalable and flexible allowing it to be moulded to your specific vision.
  • With the ability to train our agents yourself or instruct how you would like the teams to operate.
  • Whistl's contact centre agents always aim to act as a seamless extension to your existing operations or give the appearance of a larger corporation. 
  • Our inbound call centre services can be available to your customers out of sociable hours
  • With a flexible bureau payment plan option, SME’s or low call volume businesses need only pay for the services you use.
  • When you partner with Whistl we handle your inbound contacts so your customers won’t have to experience long wait times, even during peak seasons.

Treat your customers to a seamless customer service experience from start to finish, with Whistl’s outsourced inbound call centre services.

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We have been thrilled with the service that we have received. The team works as an extension of Elder employees by managing all inbound new-care enquiry calls, live-chat and also making outbound calls to people who have registered their interest online. Not only do they convert over 95% of calls to appointments with our sales team, but also provide fantastic customer service whilst doing so. 

Mitchell Greenham, National Sales Manager, Elder

Benefit from Whistl’s experienced call agents, for inbound customer service excellence:

  • Complaint Resolution

Consumers expect complaints to be resolved quickly, and when you are running a business, the phone cannot always be the priority. Whistl’s award-winning multi-channel call centre agents support your brand and encourage repeat custom by offering first-class customer service.

  • Customer Service

Additional customer service support for brands and retailers. Whistl’s trusted, reliable and efficient customer service agents can handle your customer’s needs while you focus on growing your business.

Ecommerce Customer Service

How Whistl provides Excellent Inbound Call Handling

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Our customer service advisors are professionally trained by you, for exacting customer service standards

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Utilising or integrate with your CRM, order management, payment gateways, and e-Commerce software

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Seamlessly managing all channels: inbound and outbound calls, emails, webchat, and social media interactions

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Our reporting platform allows clear, concise and insightful reporting to drive intelligent business strategies

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We can process product returns, damaged items, manage carrier claims or handle all of your customer complaints

How we have helped our Contact Centre Clients with Inbound Call Handling


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