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Out of Hours Contact Centre Support

Never miss a customer call again with Whistl’s inbound out-of-hours call handling

We all know the frustration of trying to call a company after work only to be met by an annoying voicemail inbox, or worse, an automated message. Many customers aren’t able to call during normal business hours or can be on hold for far too long. This results in high and concentrated call volumes for customer service departments, irritated customers and stressed staff. 

A solution for this is to outsource your out of hours call handling to Whistl. This ensures that regardless of when customers want to call you, they can always get through to a helpful and professional customer service agent. No more long wait times, no more customer dropoffs, just happy and satisfied customers ready to recommend you to their friends and family.

Whistl out-of-hours call handling service

With Whistl’s outsourced out of hours call handling, businesses can reduce operating costs and access established call centre infrastructures.  

Having an out of hours answering service can distribute call volumes more evenly throughout peak periods, reducing hold times and alleviating pressure on internal departments. 

Whistl has trained, experienced and dedicated customer service agents at the ready, to assist with customer queries and support as an extension of your company’s ethos and values. Your customers are comfortable knowing that they can get competent and reliable assistance at any time of day, third-party or not.

Out of Hours Call Handling

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Whistl's out of hours call handling ensures that:

  • All calls are answered
  • No sales are missed
  • Complaints are resolved quickly
  • Your business is in good hands

With Whistl's out of hours contact centre services, our dedicated UK-based call centre agents are more than just a virtual receptionist. Our contact centres capture the calls that you can’t cover, ensuring that your customers receive the help they need, that sales aren't lost, and that complaints don't escalate to social media, impacting your reputation. 

Whistl builds bespoke overflow call handling solutions and works with your business to understand your particular customer calls and support needs. You can even train our trainers to enhance your brand’s targeted message to the agents that will look after your customer calls. 


Why outsource out of hours call handling

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Not sure what the difference is between overflow and out of hours call handling? 


Whistl provides two types of call centre services for times of unmanageable call volumes: overflow call handling and out of hours services

The basic difference is:

  • Overflow call handling is designed to help businesses manage call volumes above what internal departments can reasonably manage. This tends to be the term used during normal business hours.
  • Out of hours call handling helps with call volumes outside of “normal” operating hours but is an extension of an overflow service. Normal operating hours are dependent on each company, and this service helps businesses to stay accessible at all times.

Whistl’s outsourced call centre service packages are built bespoke to each client, so it may be that you need a combination of services. 


Create a bespoke solution for your business calls, at the hours that your customers need

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International Out of Hours Call Handling
An outsourced out-of-hours call handling service is also ideal for businesses with international customers, to help with customer service at times that are more appropriate in other countries. Whistl can offer multi-lingual customer service agents if this is what is required for your outsourced customer service needs.

Benefits of outsourcing your customer out of hours call handling to Whistl

There are many benefits to providing out-of-hours customer service to your customers. These include :

  • Never miss out on bookings, leads or service opportunities
  • Ensuring complaints are handled professionally by a team that is fully trained for sudden high-call-volumes. 
  • Offering world-class customer service 365 days a year
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Less in-house resources needed
  • Professional and experienced customer service by Whistl agents
  • Customers can contact you via multiple channels if the phones are busy

Take comfort in the peace of mind that your customers are getting the help they require, at a time to suit them with Whistl’s out of hours call handling services.

Benefits of out of hours call handling

Provide professional and experienced customer service support

With a world-class customer service 365 days a year, from Whistl's professional and experienced customer service agents, so your business is less reliant on in-house resources. Take comfort in the peace of mind that your customers are getting the help they require, at a time to suit them with Whistl’s out-of-hours call handling services. Find how we can support your business.



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