Bureau Call Centre Services for Pay-per-contact Call Handling

An ideal solution ideal for brands or retailers who experience low smaller, infrequent, or seasonal contact volumes.

What is the bureau call centre solution? 

The bureau contact centre is well suited to campaigns or companies where call volumes can be variable throughout the day, week, or month or year.

Call volumes for many businesses can rise and fall, based on seasonality, the demand for goods or services or even based on external factors. Outsourcing your call centre support through a shared service, such as Whistl’s bureau call centre team means our call centre agents will be able to answer your customer queries in the same way as a dedicated resource but with added cost efficiencies of the shared team. 

If your current call centre advisors are under-utilised for long periods, outsourcing customer care makes sense. We work with you to understand your typical rates and fully train our call agents so that the service we deliver is aligned to your business ethos.

Whistl offers your business a bespoke solution and our bureau contact handling fees are simply dependants on your call volumes, giving you total pricing flexibility. Remove the risk, cost, and associated management time and resource from operating an in-house customer service department. Whistl's bureau team are available all year round, for short term campaigns, to cover an overflow of calls, peak periods, or your businesses out of hour's needs.

Make it easy for your customers to contact your business

Our outsourced contact centre services solutions mean your customers can reach someone, with our shared 'Bureau' desks we work with you to understand your customer call volumes even in peak periods so that we can help to keep your customers happy and loyal. 

Did you know:

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Bureau Call Handling or Dedicated Call Handling

Whistl works with you to understand your call centre needs, as an experienced outsourced contact centre provider we can handle your customer calls or multi-channel needs. Our team will discuss with you all of the customer service elements that we can support you with and by working with Whistl your business will benefit from our knowledge across multiple clients and industry sectors.

Typically businesses that have variable levels of calls often benefit from our bureau call handling solution. Businesses that receive regular call volumes of 50 or more a day are often more aligned to our dedicated support.

However, not all businesses and customer service needs are the same. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the specifics of where Whistl can support your business with our UK based outsourced contact services. 

Contact us today to get a bespoke quote. 

Whistl provides your business with flexibility and scale through our bureau contact centre.

We answer calls on behalf of your business with our skilled team of call centre operatives, all working on ‘shared desk’ basis, across a select client list. 

Six reasons the bureau contact centre is perfect for your business:

  • Variable costs aligned to your call volumes, not fixed costs to support a dedicated team
  • Flexible contact handling with no set-up costs
  • Ideal for smaller or irregular contact volumes year-round
  • Simple integration with client-owned systems 
  • Multichannel contact handling available (voice, email, SMS, webchat and social media)
  • Available all-year-round or for overflow, or even out of hours coverage
Bureau Call Centre

Why use Whistl's bureau call centre?

With an available team of up to 70 advisors, our outsourced call centre solution of our bureau call handling can flexibly scale up or down to meet the volume demands of our clients. Our bureau call handling offers a shared resource of experienced call centre agents, available to answer your businesses calls and queries and offer general customer service.

Whistl's team of contact centre advisors are fully trained to handle various inbound customer service needs and we offer skills-based call routing. So even the most technical support can be offered with our bureau team, as we can direct specific types of calls to certain advisors based on their knowledge, skill level, personality type or if required specific lingual needs. Whistl's pay-per-contact call centre service offers your business the support of a dedicated team of advisors, on a flexible payment plan.

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