What is Inventory Fulfilment within Fulfilment? 

Learn more about inventory management and how outsourcing your order fulfilment needs can help your business grow.

For many businesses who sell products or manage manufactured goods, a key part of their supply chain process is inventory management. Inventory management is a warehouse operations process that involves the flow of the items from the manufacturer to another location or final customer. All inventory management processes start with the storage of a businesses products or items but in addition, includes the product sales order selection from the warehouse space, the packaging of the items through to the final delivery to another location or the end customer.

For fulfilment providers, this stock selection process of picking and packing includes rigorous auditing procedures such cycle counting and full stock management optimisation, to ensure that the business that has outsourced their fulfilment needs, is always informed of the volumes of their stock lines and revenue opportunities.

Powered by innovative Radio Frequency (RF) technology and bespoke warehouse management systems, inventory management from Whistl helps your business maintain tighter controls of stock management, minimising the probability of overstocking or understocking your saleable items, to avoid customer frustration of purchasing out of stock items, which can lead to a loss of sales and impact your brand reputation. 

Creating efficient inventory management for your customers:

With three national UK fulfilment sites, we are dedicated to providing retailers, brands and wholesalers with cost-effective logistics solutions. With our national locations and optimised space, we can support your business needs to hold the volumes you require, all within barcoded locations to ensure increased cost efficiencies and order picking accuracy. Dedicated account management and proactive customer support to fulfil your customers’ expectations, with every order.

Fulfilment Warehouse Systems

Why Whistl? 

As one of the leading outsourced inventory management providers, Whistl will help your business to save time and money, increase delivery performance and enhance your customers’ experience.

Whistl is a top 10 privately owned UK company, and with more than 400,000 square feet of warehouse fulfilment space in the UK, located strategically across key locations; around Heathrow, in the North West, the North East and in Midlands. Whistl’s team of in-house inventory management specialists are experienced to conceptualise and integrate with a range of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and we can implement bespoke pick, pack and despatch processes for a wide variety of retailers, brands and wholesalers.

As a solution provider, we can work to find the right solution for your business, operating a plethora of business models including subscription box fulfilment, ad-hoc e-commerce fulfilment and even one-off campaigns.

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International Fulfilment Services

Selling internationally or have aspirations for cross-border expansion? Increase your business reach by offering your overseas customers greater choice in international marketplaces with Whistl’s international order fulfillment solutions. Benefit from Whistl’s combination of proactive order picking and warehouse operations and portfolio of tracked, premium tracked and standard international parcel delivery services.

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