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Customer Insights

Understand where your target audience live and more about their consumer habits, to improve your advertising campaign response.

Planning a marketing campaign and want to know more about who are the people and the homes you should be delivering too?

For example with doordrop media you have the opportunity to reach almost every residential home in the UK, you can create an effective marketing campaign. A bespoke delivery schedule will be built, based upon the understanding of your target households, what they like to do and their typical buying habits.

Whistl’s intelligent approach allows for a real insight into your customers and their population density, by using the most relevant suite of targeting tools to create key segments by geography.

With a dedicated insight and planning team, we make informed data lead decisions.

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JICMAIL Platinum Partner

Whistl Doordrop Media is a JICMAIL Platinum Organisation, we demonstrating the required levels of proficiency with JICMAIL beyond its basic application. Including evidence of JICMAIL data being embedded into the planning and reporting data ecosystem of our campaigns.

Whistl is a proud partner of JICMAIL and continues to evidence planning and data insights to systematically retain or grow business for our customers. 

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