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Each year we collect, sort and process 4 billion items. Here's our core letter services:

Our packets and parcels service gives you visibility and traceability of your items through our proven network.

We give you greater choice with our range of International inbound and outbound services.

Our Fulfilment services give your customers a high-quality, seamless experience from first click to final delivery.

Market leaders in doordrop media and leafleting services. We help local businesses and national brands connect with consumers in their homes.

Working with Marketing and Media agencies

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We work closely with marketing and media agencies across Direct Mail and Doordrop Media services. We are experts in enabling brands to connect with consumers in their homes, supporting agencies to plan effective campaigns.


As market leaders in doordrop media and targeting services, we help our agency partners identify the most valuable audiences for brands. Our Insight and Planning team combine multiple geo-demographic data sources to develop consumer profiles to ensure the campaign reaches a receptive audience. Profiling and targeting makes intelligent doordrop a cost-effective media choice by reducing wastage while yielding high recall and brand familiarity.



Mail industry and key trade bodies have teamed up to create the first ever currency for mail to provide a comprehensive understanding of the channel for media planning. JICMAIL provides robust audience data for mail, measuring the readership, reach and frequency of exposure to each item that comes through the letterbox.


The full findings can be read here.


Doordrop Media

From national to local campaigns, we can help you target, plan and evaluate the value of doordrops in your marketing mix.

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