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Award Winning UK Based Outsourced Call Centre Services

Whistl is one of the UK’s most respected call centre outsourcing companies. Specialising in multi-channel inbound customer service and contact management, we boast industry leading client and employee tenure.






Every client is unique. We approach every client or campaign individually, taking the time to understand the business and customer experience objectives, long before planning any contact migration strategy.



We specialise in working with brands and retailers with high, seasonal or unpredictable contact volumes. We offer flexible, scalable operating models to cater for times of variable volumes.



We’re proud to boast industry leading client and employee tenure. We’ve managed the customer service operations for one of the UK’s best known retailers for over 13 years. Our people are experts.

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Dedicated Contact Centre

£ dependant on team size

250-7k calls/contacts per day 

Pay per advisor

Ideal for consistent volumes 

3-200 dedicated advisors

Bespoke reporting

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Bureau Contact Centre

£ dependant on team size

>250 calls/contacts per day

 Pay per contact 

Ideal for irregular volumes

Available 8am-8pm 

Up to 70 advisors

Suite of operational reports

Single point of contact

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Blended Contact Centre

£ dependant on volumes

250-7k calls per day

Pay per contact / per advisor

Ideal for inconsistent volumes 

3-200 advisors +  Bureau

Bespoke reports

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Travel Outsourced Contact Centre

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Here's 5 reasons we should be talking about your contact centre requirements

  • Completely scalable and flexible services

  • Our inbound team has an average tenure of over 9 years

  • We offer a range of cost-effective models for managing contact and call centre volumes

  • We've won awards for our culture and operations

  • Our multichannel contact platform will enhance your customer experience, and give you the management info you need to make business decisions

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How we have helped our customers 

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