Bespoke customer service solutions for utility suppliers

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Enhance your customer experiences with bespoke Contact Centre services.

UK consumers have more options available to improve their energy efficiencies from the recent nationwide smart meter roll-out giving households more information on energy usage to improved energy ratings on household appliances and the increased range of more energy-efficient lighting options. With these technological advancements, your customers have more ways to take control of their financial outgoings and support the future of our ecosystem.

Whistl understands the importance of communicating effectively with your suppliers, partners and your customers. We offer bespoke contact centre solutions to keep your customers happy, so you can continue to focus on your industry sector position. 

Create a personalised booking service, with Whistl

With Whistl’s outsourced customer services we deliver personalised approach to your campaigns and ongoing service needs, to save your customers time and creating further assurance in their event selections.

Benefit from:

  • Flexible support we tailor our support to your business needs and budget. Allowing you to choose your required resource, so you only pay for the calls you need to be answered and for the required time frame. 
  • Fully trained call agents available to provide your customers with the required support, ensuring all queries are dealt with in a timely manner. 
  • Tailored and detailed reports allowing your business to understand the critical call KPI's to guide and improve your customers' experience.
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Key Utility Customer Services Statistics

Utility Importance


Customer Complaint Handling Score

Utility importance of customer service


Customers rated their experience as important (when reporting a problem)

Utility Satisfaction Score


Utility Customer Satisfaction Score

Source: UK Customer Satisfaction Index, July 2019. 

Across 31 UK utility companies and 6,000 customer responders

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Our bespoke contact centre support for utility suppliers 

With more customers taking control of their energy consumption, we can handle your calls and queries handling calls including:

  • Appliance Repair Scheduling 
  • Chat and Customer Support Services
  • Complaint Resolution
  • Emergency Hotlines & Dispatching Services
  • Energy Efficient Products Sales & Support
  • Meter Reading Services
  • Planned Power Outage Support
  • Survey Capabilities Services
  • Switch Board Support
  • Technical Support Services
Third party customer services

With Whistl, we work to understand and mirror your business ethos. Agreeing with key performance factors and setting the right tone of voice, to exceed your customers' expectations.

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