Is your travel business ready for the seasonal booking spike?

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Outsource your contact services, to meet your increased customer needs

With a wider range of options now available, a ‘savvy’ consumer can book their own travel plans without even leaving their house. However, not all consumers want to spend their time online researching, finalising plans and trying to secure the best availability or deals.

So they will contact travel experts like you and thi scan be very demaning in peak times. Outsourcing your call handling can ensure queries are dealt with quickly and effectively even during seasonal spikes. Whistl’s outsourced call centre services create the required flexibility for operators to deal with all of your calls as a dedicated centre or as an overflow for a percentage of your calls from your in-house call centre team.

With consumers looking to create their ‘perfect’ travel plans, queries may arise for more information on specific flight times, tour operator excursions or just required availability on their selected choice of accommodation. Whistl’s trained call centre operators will be on hand to answer queries and provide more detailed information to aid booking conversions.

Whistl's outsourced call centre solutions can improve customer service levels

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Whistl’s contact centre services create your personalised booking service

With Whistl’s tailored contact centre services, your travel business can create more opportunities to engage with your potential travel bookers. A personalised contact centre service can create more confidence in the booking process, saving your potential customers time and creating further assurance in their selections.

We know that your customer calls and travel operator enquiries are critical to your business, however many of your staff and teams have multiple responsibilities. Whistl can ease the pressure, so your staff can focus on their core responsibilities while we look after your calls.

Examples of our travel contact centre services can include:

  • Answering  customer queries
  • Booking and ticket reservations
  • Business to business travel support services
  • Inbound customer service for your suppliers and tour operators
  • Multilingual customer support for customer bookings and itinerary modification
Outsourced Contact Centre Services

With Whistl, we work with you to create a bespoke customer contact centre solution, our consultative approach ensures that your customer service levels are our priority, stabilising feedback scores and improving repeat travel opportunities.

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