Backed by the full global resources of Whistl, our untracked, pre-sorted and registered international delivery services give you a cost-effective way of reaching new customers in global markets. With a range of flexible delivery speeds  to suit your needs ensuring  you have a choice of different services appropriate for both low and higher value basket items.

Our service options come with an online manifesting portal and offer a range of sortation levels to suit your requirements, as well as an option for advanced bag tracking through the Whistl network. This provides destination grouping and reduced sortation requirements, reducing operational costs.

How it works

Key Information

Key Information

Category Service Format Service Level Service Features
Tracked Registered Letters, Flats, Packets 3-8 Days Signed for International postal service
Untracked International PreSorted Letters, Flats, Packets 3-8 Days PreSorted International postal service
AllSort Letters, Flats, Packets 3-8 Days UnSorted International postal service



Weight Dimensions
100g 245 x 165 x 5mm


Weight Dimensions
500g 381 x 305 x 20mm 


Weight Dimensions

Max length, width & height combined: 900mm

Max single dimension: 600mm

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