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Each year we collect, sort and process 4 billion items. Here's our core letter services:

Our packets and parcels service gives you visibility and traceability of your items through our proven network.

We give you greater choice with our range of International inbound and outbound services.

Our Fulfilment services give your customers a high-quality, seamless experience from first click to final delivery.

Market leaders in doordrop media and leafleting services. We help local businesses and national brands connect with consumers in their homes.

In-home sampling

Get your brand into the hands and hearts of consumers

Our innovative in-home sampling service is the smart way to reach consumers with a memorable brand experience which gets your product in more baskets, more often.

Trial, acquisition, brand awareness and retail footfall are common objectives that our intelligent approach to audience targeting delivers. We apply industry-leading tools and techniques to create a geo-demographic profile of your audience. We'll define, refine, amplify and verify your target audience to ensure your campaign reaches relevant consumers with the propensity to buy and engage with your brand. Our analytic experts blend the latest data sources including TGI, Mosaic, EPOS and Experian shopping data in conjunction with our clients' customer data.

In-home sampling creates positive brand engagement often resulting in positive social media impact.

We will manage total distribution based upon a number of products. Allowing consumers to trial products in their home environment can produce a strong and sustained uplift in sales and a halo effect across other product ranges.

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  • Reach households proven to be most receptive to your brand

  • Choose from a range of flexible sampling options

  • Gain tangible, measurable and accountable results

  • Delivered by Royal Mail or Whistl Home Network

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