An environmentally friendly mail service for your business

Designed to help you to reduce the cost of your campaign and the environmental impact, greenPost improves the performance and sustainability of your direct mail campaigns.

Lower your carbon footprint, support the environment and save money all at once with our added value service, greenPost.

It’s a service that helps you produce greener mailings by reducing waste, increasing recycling rates and improving your targeting accuracy. In return for adopting greener working practices, we’ll reward you with discounts on your postage.

Not only will you make savings on your postage costs, you’ll also see a beneficial impact on your brand. Responsibility boosts response and greenPost reflects your commitment to minimising the carbon footprint of your marketing activity.


With a minimum volume requirement of 4,000 items, there are two levels of greenPost that offer savings on your postage – Entry and Intermediate.

Each level is based on four key criteria including sourcing and recyclability, data, opting out and mail item specification.

  • At Entry level you’ll need to use sustainable, recyclable materials, apply data cleansing techniques and use accurate postcode data
  • At Intermediate level, you’ll need to meet extra recycling and data requirements


Environmentally friendly mail

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