You can minimise waste with our complete returns management, benefiting the environment and your bottom line.

Finding out exactly why your mail has been returned will enable you to make future campaigns more efficient, reducing waste and improving your return on investment.

Key Information

Key Information

  • Returns Management can be used with any of our mail services
  • Choose from four options that each capture the recipient's name, address and reason for return:
    • Scan and capture via 2D or CodEffect barcode
    • Scan and capture via unique reference number
    • Scan and capture name, address and reason for return
    • Capture by hand keying when scan is not possible
  • Customers show Whistl's return address on their mail. Returned mail is sorted and data is captured and supplied. The original items are then securely destroyed.


  • Reduce waste
  • Enjoy greater return on investment
  • Understand your recipients
  • Use this service alongside green post and adMail
  • Enhance the efficiency of future campaigns
  • Benefit great savings
  • Improve your green credentials


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