Advertising Mail Catalogues


Are you a catalogue mailer who’d like to improve the quality of your catalogue but keeping within the same price range?

This Royal Mail scheme aims to achieve lower prices for catalogue weights between 101-150g, meaning that you could add in a letter or large letter without incurring a price increase.

It’s perfect for increasing the number of pages in your catalogue, using heavier page to improve the quality and feel, take third party inserts to fund the additional cost of postage or insert leaflets to sell your own products!

When is this offer valid?
The Advertising Mail Catalogue trial is open for applications until 31st March 2018.

Am I eligible to take part?
Your catalogue need to meets the content requirement for the new Advertising Mail Catalogue service.  You can check this against the specification.

You’ll need to send a seed/sample on the day of mailing.  This must also display the relevant UCID
You’ll need to use the advertising mail catalogue product code when uploading your mail to Royal Mail.

How do I apply?
No need to apply or complete an application form. Simply sort as adMail catalogue and comply with the contents specification.  

Any questions, please contact your Whistl Account Manager.