Are you prepared for the new UPU regulations?

November 2020

What are the UPU regulations?

The new Universal Postal Union (UPU) regulations which will be mandatory from 1st January 2021.
So if you haven't already, you need to take action now! To continue sending international post the following requirements must be adhered to:

  • Any international item containing goods must have a unique S10 barcode.

S10 Barcode Example

Whistl UPU Label Example.JPG

  • Customs data (CN22/CN23/Pre-advice) must be declared electronically where items contain goods of commercial value. It is essential that data for each item is accurate and complete.

What items are impacted?

This mandatory requirement being enforced by the UPU, must be adhered to for all untracked international items using Whistl’s Zonesort or Countrysort services, which have an intrinsic value. This includes samples and all e-commerce large letters and packets.

What will happen if mail does not comply with the new UPU requirements?

Items will be held in customs and returned or a significant surcharge will be applied for the handling of the items. The items may also risk being destroyed if they arrive in some countries without the correct information.

How can Whistl help me be compliant?

We have shown our commitment to our customers and developed a brand new service to provide a solution to our customers. The new service is International Insight, a part tracked service which via our technology platform will enable customers to create a barcode and submit the relevant electronic customs data. All customers will need to migrate to International InSight to be compliant with the UPU regulations by no later than the end of November 2020.


Contact Whistl today to find out more on International Parcel Deliveries and our International InSight service.

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