Customers Need Delivery Transparency From Their Online Retailers

February 2016

You've done it!

You've convinced your customer to place an order. In the ultra-competitive online retail space, you've worked hard to create an engaging website, a great product line and a convenient service. You have completed this order cycle with efficient handover for delivery, content that the overall experience will fuel repeat business. But are you aware of the final customer touchpoint – the delivery itself? The customer will no doubt be happy with their product but has the delivery experience ended on a negative note? And could this prompt the customer to try a competitor out for their next purchase?

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Let’s look at the valuable Millennials audience who make up nearly 23% of the UK population: a recent study revealed 65% of these digital savvy 18 – 34 year olds are more likely to buy from an online retailer that offered convenient delivery over one that did not, with 74% saying convenience is the single most important factor when choosing between retailers. With millennials predicted to make up 75% of the global workforce over the next 10 years, their influence on online shopping expectations coupled with growing spending power is a combination online retailers cannot afford to ignore.

According to Post and Parcel, a recent study of the home delivery market has concluded that retailers need to focus on providing a high degree of delivery transparency if they want to ensure a strong customer experience. Retailers need to offer flexible services so busy consumers can track orders and manage delivery so online shopping fits in seamlessly with their busy lives. The report, produced by Retail Systems Research (RSR) and sponsored by Descartes, advised retailers looking to improve their home delivery performance: “The more consumers feel engaged in the process, the more comfortable they will be in ordering from you”. The growth of online retail has been matched by the increase in consumer expectation. Pre-delivery notifications and narrower delivery time slots are key features retailers need to provide.

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Thinking ahead to Peak 2016? What can you put in place now to raise customer satisfaction and have a successful 2016:

  • Invest in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective delivery partner
  • Allow your customers the choice in their delivery options
  • Keep your customers updated in the location and journey of their item

Services such as trackable and express deliveries are required to ensure retailers appeal to a wider audience.

At Whistl, we offer a range of flexible services to deliver your items in the most appropriate and cost-effective way. Our Insight, Tracked and Premium Tracked services will ensure you keep track of your deliveries. Need more convincing? In 2015 we processed over 64 million packets and parcels.


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