Grow Your Customer Base By Giving More Choice At The Checkout

February 2017

Delivery choice is a major factor for online shoppers in their purchase decision making process.

Whether you’re a start-up or established online retailer, delivery options are crucial to converting sales. The expectations when shopping online have increased over the years with customers choosing when and how they receive their items basing it on speed, cost and convenience.

Previously, many products that were sold online were generic products which shoppers didn’t need to touch and feel in order to buy. Whereas nowadays it is a place where you can buy anything, from clothing to food, to home wares and electrical appliances, the world wide web hosts a lot of retailers big and small selling a wide variety of goods and is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Convience has grown e-commerce 

The main reasons for the growth of online shopping is convenience, and delivery to your home. Browsing the web in your own time without having to tackle the high-street shops is a huge convenience and with online sites offering a wide range of products means more goods for consumers to purchase. The fact that you can order an item, choose when and where it gets delivered is so appealing.

Customer choice is key

Providing your customers this choice at the checkout is important in the customer experience and one of the main influencing factors for repeat business. Consumers will buy goods from one retailer in preference to another because the delivery options were more appealing. They will switch between online retailers if there is a better deal on delivery or they feel more confident with the delivery carrier.

Pacel delivery services

This does not mean that you have to invest in an expensive logistics infrastructure. Working with a flexible and reliable delivery partner who can take away the hassle of managing multiple delivery partners, and has the capacity and equipment to handle surges in demand during peak periods is a winning option. Here at Whistl we work with all types of businesses from large multichannel retailers, eBay sellers to small independent boutiques. Our multi-carrier service gives you access to a host of leading national and international carriers offering a range of reliable delivery solutions.

Carrier integrations

With our simple integration to your in-house management system we’re able to adopt a multi-routing approach, selecting the carrier that has the infrastructure to deliver cost-efficiency while providing a consistent on-time performance.

Why choose Whistl to manage your parcel deliveries?
We support around 2,000 SME’s with their postal and delivery requirements, and out of the nearly 4billion items going through our network every year, 142 million items are sent by SME customers across a range of sectors. We are trusted by organisations big and small to deliver on time and within budget, using the latest technology and scanning equipment to provide data about where each item is at every stage of its journey. We are helping our customers offer choice to their consumers and can help you find the right solution to meet your business.

Reliability is key, get delivery right for your customers and you’ll see more sales, customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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