How to Create a Strong B2B Delivery Process

July 2017

How to Create a Strong B2B Delivery Process

Keeping customers happy is key for all businesses to help drive loyalty and growth. There are many factors that can impact upon customer satisfaction levels, such as the range of products and services offered, parcel delivery times, customer services and more. Customers themselves don’t have to be consumers either, B2B companies still need to keep their clients happy in the same way. Part of your B2B strategy should involve client care and creating a strong business parcel delivery service will help ensure this is done.

Constant Communication
Every business you work with will be different, but they will all value regular communication to remain updated on the progress of their deliveries. Waiting for something important can make time run incredibly slowly, so keeping them informed of their business parcel delivery progress will at least keep them in the loop and satisfied.

Depending on the client, one communication method may be better than another. Email can be great for letting clients know when items have been sent out and when they have arrived, especially for busy customers. Text is another good method, but for immediate communication it is best to phone; although not too often as this can become annoying.   

Offer Wide Delivery Options
Being able to choose between a number of parcel delivery options so that the receiving business gets their deliveries when they want, will improve customer satisfaction levels. Some businesses may require items next day, while others will be happy to wait a few days if it’s not urgent, which may be the case for large parcel delivery.

A recent survey found that 27% of respondents rank having an exact window of delivery as the most important element of their delivery experience. Therefore, offering such an option for packages, parcels and documents will keep the client happy and ensure a quick delivery process.

Provide Visibility
The same survey mentioned above also found that 33% placed having the ability to track their parcel online as the most important factor for a good delivery experience. Here at Whistl, tracked parcel delivery is one of the many quality services we provide. This offers excellent visibility, so the receiving business can keep tabs on where their ordered products are in the delivery process.

Greater visibility makes it easy for mistakes and issues to be spotted and remedied quickly within the delivery process too. Tracked and partially tracked services can be applied to everything from important documents to larger parcel delivery. When choosing between parcel delivery companies it is important to pick one that provides strong visibility.

Maintain Good Customer Service Levels
As well as the physical aspects of business parcel delivery, it is important to remember the customer service side of your company within the process, even when working in B2B. The client still needs to be treated well and along with having regular communication, there are other things you can do to improve customer service levels throughout the delivery process:

  • Respond quickly to any requests or queries.
  • Use artificial intelligence platforms. These can improve convenience and ease while reducing costs for dealing with enquiries.
  • Provide little perks where possible to increase loyalty, such as a discount or earlier delivery.
  • Ask for feedback to show that you value their thoughts and are always looking to improve.
  • Be willing to go the extra mile, by dealing with last minute, extra or surprise requests.

Collect and Use Feedback
Request feedback from clients about your B2B delivery process. This can provide a great indication of how well it is working, showing areas that need improving, what needs streamlining and what is working well in the process. Asking for feedback shows that you care about them and the service they are receiving, while also helping you improve. This could be done with a personal phone call or by creating an easy to fill in form, where the data can be quantified simply. 

Use these tips to help create or improve your business parcel delivery process when running a B2B company. Keeping your clients happy should result in future growth as they are willing to spend more with your business and spread the good word to others.

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