How to Successfully Sell Products on Amazon

March 2017

How to Successfully Sell Products on Amazon

Amazon dominates the ecommerce market. Much like people say they will ‘Google’ something, rather than use an online search engine, most of us also refer to ‘buying something on Amazon’ rather than from a non-specific ecommerce site. For online retailers, selling your products through Amazon is an excellent way to grow your business and reach new customers. With millions of sellers already using the platform, both individuals and companies, you need to be using the following steps to stay ahead of the pack when selling products on Amazon.   

Why Sell on Amazon?
Due to the high volume of sellers, using Amazon is clearly part of a successful sales strategy for many businesses. Selling via this medium is therefore essential to at least keep up with your competitors. There are many other reasons to begin selling your products on Amazon, including to:  

  • Increase sales: Joining Amazon Marketplace can lead to a 50% increase in sales, and is the main reason any business begins using the platform, presenting your products to a wider audience.   
  • Ease of accessibility: Many buyers prefer using online marketplaces and will head there first when looking for any product. The buying process is simple, which appeals to buyers and ensures they keep using the service.  
  • Gain new customers: As well as attracting new buyers through Amazon, many may discover your products this way and next time go directly through your website. Otherwise they may find what they need from a competitor selling on Amazon.
  • Boost brand awareness: In the US alone, Amazon gains over 183 million visitors. Selling through the site allows new customers across the globe to discover your products and boost your brand’s presence.  

Steps to Selling Successfully
Once you’ve decided that selling your products on Amazon will be good for your business, there are a number of things you need to do to ensure it is a success. Avoid common mistakes such as forgetting about Amazon deliveries or running out of stock, and follow these steps to give your company the best chance of outperforming its competitors.  

Create a Strong Page
The product page will be what leads to a sale or a potential customer choosing a competitor. Therefore, it needs to be done as well as possible. Everything on the product listing must be accurate, which helps build up trust, with products listed in the right categories. Provide a detailed yet easy to read description, with bullet points to make it quick to scan. High quality images are vital, not just for a professional edge but to improve your product rankings, as is a relevant yet concise title, specifications and sub-categories.   

Price Competitively
Pricing is also important for rankings, with Amazon aware that customers will look for the best deals. Prices are used to predict conversion rate, but rather than just going for the cheapest one possible that will undercut competitors, use a realistic one that will still earn your business a profit. Determine the category average price, where possible, and aim to price below this, as it should boost its rankings through Amazon’s search tool.  

Become an Amazon Affiliate
For businesses with a strong online presence already, becoming an Amazon Affiliate as part of their Amazon Associates program is a great way to earn money alongside that generated from selling products. In simple terms, you have your own referral URLs which are tracked to Amazon products and for each purchase made within 24 hours of clicking on the link, you receive credit. These referral URLs can go to your own products, which can add 4 to 10% on top of your sales with very little effort.  

Arrange Fast and Reliable Deliveries
When you’ve successfully attracted new customers to buy your products through Amazon, you still need to focus on the aftersales to ensure they will return. Arranging Amazon deliveries so that they arrive by the time promised, meeting Amazon’s two-day dispatch deadline, and in top condition is essential. Our Amazon Delivery Service ensures your products sold through the ecommerce giant meet this criteria, with a single collection possible so you don’t need to sort deliveries in advance.
Consider these reasons and steps to begin selling products on Amazon for your business and use our services for all your Amazon deliveries.  

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