LEGO Friends are first in toy industry to use innovative sampling

May 2014

As a toy industry first, LEGO Friends is using an innovative two-stage sampling format delivered by our Doordrop Media team to engage with families in their homes over the month of May.

Our Doordrop Media team are working with LEGO Friends to deliver this format which involves fully-branded bags being delivered to homes in selected Argos retail catchments areas within North West and South East England. The call to action is that if families leave the bag outside their front door they will then receive a free LEGO Friends sample.

This campaign is aimed at families with girls aged 5-15 and on receipt of their sample they can build the mini LEGO Friends set, interacting with the brand in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Alongside this they will receive a LEGO Friends mini brochure which will provide fun games and activities to further inspire recipients as well as giving an additional call to action to purchase LEGO Friends products from their local Argos store.

Buying Manager for girls toys at Argos, Lindsay Rogers says: “This is a great opportunity to offer our customers a unique way to engage with the LEGO Friends brand at home. It’s really exciting to be part of a new marketing campaign that has not been trialled on toys before.”


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