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Mind the customer service expectation gap

November 2021

A recent survey commissioned jointly by Brightpearl and Whistl group company Parcelhubhas revealed a gap between services consumers expect post-purchase, and what e-commerce merchants often provide. But worry not-the right technology can bring the two together. 

Whistl the survey mainly focused on the post-purchase experience, it also found that consumer merchants don't agree on what they think would stop consumers from doing business with a brand. retailers believed pre-purchase issues-like an item is out of stock or website problems-were likely to stop consumers from doing business. But whilst they might prevent an individual purchase, consumers were far more concerned in overall brand relationships about:

The post-buy-button experience was deemed by customers the most important part of the journey, and due to focus/investment should be accorded to it - especially as 49% of customers stated that they have had 1-3 bad experiences directly related to shipping, tracking and delivery in the last twelve months. 

The good news - great tech can bridge the gap. There is no doubt that today's smart technology can bring consumers and merchants, helping e-commerce retailers win and retain customers. 

Every disconnect outlined within the research white paper can be readily overcome by the latest generation of e-commerce Order Management Systems (OMS) and Delivery Management Platforms (DMP). These issues include: 

Such tried and trusted tech can enable e-commerce merchants to meet all the expectations of today's sophisticated, demanding consumer. 

Some of the key callouts from the research include:

  • 97% of consumers say post-purchase issues are important to them - But only 22% of merchants rate their post-purchase experience as the best possible
  • One in three consumers say an SMS text is important to them whilst their delivery is 'in-flight'- but 56% of retailers don't offer that feature. 
  • High other consumer wish list is a nominated safe place delivery option, with preferred neighbour also classed as important - but 62% of merchants don't offer the former. Whilst 71% admit they can't offer the latter. 
  • 96% of consumers consider the ability to return an item to be important when deciding whether to shop with a brand - but only 56% of merchants offer UK returns, and just 25% have an international returns service. 

Find out more about the survey by visiting Parcelhub's Resource Page

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