Track your e-commerce items online through our network!

June 2014

Do you want to be able to meet the increasing demand from your customers and be able to see information about where their item is within our network? Well now you can!

We have launched a new service to join our Packets & Parcels portfolio which allows you to track your items with us. P&P Insight gives e-retailers complete visibility of their packets and parcels through our entire network before we hand over the items to our delivery partner.

How does it work?

You can use your existing barcodes to track an item and through an online portal you’ll be able to see item level information and updates. The information also includes the weight and format of each mailed large letter or packet.

The tracking information allows you to have complete transparency of where your packets and parcels are within our network. Thus allowing you to be able to monitor each item and be able to locate it on demand from your end consumer.

Its not just the reliability of tracking where your item will be that’s beneficial to your business credentials, the InSight web portal will also deliver a best in-class user experience and also offers:

  • A visual approach towards tracking events - with options to expand views where more detail is required
  • Ability to search at an item level and job level
  • Exportable reports and Quality of Service graphs
  • Service alerts
  • Multiple logins

For small through to large e-commerce multichannel customers, and, all fulfilment and mailing houses who handle e-commerce clients, this is a flexible and easy to use service. P&P Insight allows e-commerce platform sellers to manage their account, ratings, item level data on weight and format enabling clear invoicing and valuable data for reconciliation and onward invoicing.

To find out more about this new service please get in touch with us today.

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