What Makes a Good Business Delivery Company?

February 2019

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Using business delivery services is important for ecommerce companies and online retailers, to make sure that your products reach your customers, whether working in a business to business or business to consumer environment. They also play an integral part in supply chains, moving goods and materials from one supplier to another.

For this reason, business delivery companies need to be fast and reliable to avoid creating any hold-ups. Yet there’s more to it than that. If you’re looking for a business delivery service to start using, consider the following points which can help separate the good from the bad.

Variety and Flexibility

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Every company is different and so the best business delivery offering needs to be one that can meet your every need. Providing a variety of services enables this, from the likes of next day delivery to overseas parcel delivery and more. Especially as consumer demand changes and many expect and want the most convenient delivery option available to them. As consumer options increase ecommerce and online retailers are looking to react and provide as much choice as possible.

Flexible business delivery that can work around specific requirements and adapt is also important. For start-ups, small or medium size businesses, orders variances may occur a monthly basis, so allowing for this and providing flexible options is highly desirable.

Pricing Structure

The cost of parcel delivery is one of the most important things for any company seeking a business delivery partner. These need to be competitive but also cover all the expenses and profits. It can be a warning sign for businesses if it seems to be priced too cheaply, suggesting that the quality or variety may not be the best. However, pricing business delivery too highly will be off-putting to many and result in a lack of custom, so getting the balance right is ideal.

Accountability and Transparency

Business Parcel Delivery

When there is an issue with parcel delivery, customers will usually get in touch with the company they’ve ordered from rather than the courier. With business delivery services that are transparent they are more likely to accept accountability. This can improve customer relations between your business and its clients, rather than losing out due to late or missed deliveries that aren’t directly your fault.

A good thing to look for regarding transparency and traceability is whether the business delivery company offers parcel tracking. This allows the business and your customers to see where their orders are and provide added peace of mind.


Considerations to Make

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There are various considerations you should make when choosing a business delivery partner to work with. As well as searching for the best available option, it’s important to factor in any specific requirements your company has which will impact on the suitability. Such considerations should include:

  • The number of parcels you send out on a monthly basis
  • Where in the world your deliveries need to go
  • Your budget for parcel delivery
  • Special requirements, such as parcel tracking
  • Regular timescales, given delivery promises made to customers

Making these considerations should help you narrow down what exactly you need from a business delivery partner, easing the process of finding a suitable option.

How to Find the Best Delivery Company

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Once you have a list of requirements for a business delivery partner, you can start looking by comparing the available options online. Take into account all of the above factors to compare based on price, the parcel delivery services offered, any minimum or maximum orders, parcel tracking options and more.

Read testimonials and case studies from current or previous customers, as these can provide a good insight into their strengths and weaknesses. This might stop you from accidentally using an unreliable company or recommend a great choice that you’d otherwise have dismissed.

Get started with Whistl, as we offer a range of parcel delivery options. From mail and parcels to fulfilment and other business delivery services, fill in a contact form online with the number of average items you send a month to see how we can help.

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